PUBLISHED: 4:15 PM 5 Jan 2017

BREAKING: Leaders DONE With Merkel As Parliament Votes For Newfound Alliance With Russia

EU leaders shunned Angela Merkel in favor of Vladimir Putin

Angela Merkel’s decision to allow millions of refugees to pour into Germany blew up spectacularly in her face. The chancellor’s plan to impose harsh sanctions on Russia was rejected by European leaders disgruntled with her immigration policy.

Merkel desperately tried to enact yearlong sanctions on the Kremlin but the ruling figures of Europe shunned her and threw their support behind Vladimir Putin. The madness engulfing Ukraine prompted Merkel’s move. EU leaders snubbed her wishes and imposed only six months worth of sanctions.

Merkel’s favorability rating has been steadily slipping. The Berlin Christmas market attack launched a new wave of criticism against her mass migration policy. The German far right is surging to power on the strength of promises to crack down on immigration.

“What’s the single most effective way for any society to commit (cultural) suicide?” asks PJ Media.

“That’s right, boys and girls, by letting in large numbers of aliens who don’t share the country’s values and ideas.”

Over a million migrants entered Germany in the past few years alone

Over a million refugees stomped into Europe during the past year, and over half of them settled in Germany. Merkel’s decision to blast away the country’s immigration controls may as well have been a cattle call for migrants.

“According to the latest polls, support for the coalition between her Christian Democratic Union party and the Christian Social Union party has plummeted to just 32 per cent so far in 2017,” writes The Express.

Merkel’s infectious weakness is poisoning Germany. She backed out of attending the World Economic Forum’s Davos summit in fear that her diminished influence would be too apparent. Her mistakes have cost her the world’s respect. Ironically, the summit’s theme is “Responsive and Responsible Leadership.” Speakers are expected to rail against globalization and the modern political establishment.

Jochen Bittner, political editor for German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, writes that “Germany is holding general elections next autumn, and with politicians sympathetic to Moscow on the rise, she may well be running…as the sole European leader willing to stand up to a newly assertive Russia.”

President Obama antagonized Putin and in response voters wrenched power away from his party. Donald Trump is already forging new relations with Russia.

President Obama deliberately tanked US-Russia relations

Data indicates that only 13 percent of the migrants who entered Germany in the last few years have found work. The rest are wholly dependent on handouts from the government. Money skimmed from the paychecks of German citizens is being doled out to support refugees.

“It shows that the refugees who arrived last year and in January 2016…are still in the process of getting asylum applications assessed and so have limited access to the labor market,” reports Reuters.

Merkel was so ill-prepared for the consequences of her rash actions that officials are still struggling to process the crush of migrants. “Wir schaffen das” (“we can do this”) was Merkel’s pithy rallying cry when refugees began to stream into Germany in unprecedented numbers. Now, however…?

“Now…the mantra for many Germans has become a series of questions — should we do this; can we afford this; are we safe; and can so many Muslims truly integrate into German society?” notes ABC News.

The answer to the mass of questions is a resounding, unyielding NO.

Merkel’s policies thrust German lives into a precarious position. A horde of violent foreigners have invaded their neighborhoods and they’re helpless to respond. Recent terror attacks have heightened fears. Citizens are uneasy. They’ve called or burka bans and heavy surveillance.

Putin recently triumphed over Angela Merkel

“I don’t want my girlfriend to have to wear a burka if she goes into a Muslim area of Berlin,” explains German law student Joerg Sobolewski.

“We have a culture in Germany of strong female leaders and also Freikörperkultur (nude beaches). We should celebrate that.”

Strong female leader or not, Merkel wasn’t doing a good deed when she hurled open Germany’s borders to masses of refugees, she was critically endangering the lives of countless Germans citizens.

Westerners across the hemisphere are being held hostage to sophomoric liberal ideals about “compassion” and “generosity.” We in the West must get over a deadly misconception:

Recognizing the threat that conservative Islam poses to secular cultures doesn’t make someone a racist.

First of all, Islam is not a race; it is a religion based on the Qur’an.

Second, the Qur’an is more than a religious text; it’s also a political tract. Pious Muslims struggle to assimilate into Western communities because the dictates of Allah forbid them from doing so.

Klaus, an elderly German man identified solely by his first name, lamented bitterly to ABC News “I hate Muslims. And I didn’t used to, but they made me. They won’t respect our culture.”

Amis Amri, the monster who plowed a truck though a crowd of Berlin shoppers, was a vicious radical who authorities had pegged as a likely threat. Merkel’s government is so weak however that Amri was allowed to remain in Germany unmolested until he committed the massacre.

It’s time wake up: Muslims are in revolt. Pious Allah-supporters across the world are attempting to establish a global caliphate through violence. Merkel, like her friend Obama, stupidly valued the lives of refugees more than those of her own citizens. She will face the consequences of her actions next fall at the voting booth.