PUBLISHED: 9:09 PM 24 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 9:09 PM 24 Mar 2017

LA Mayor Issues Order To City Authorities, Firefighters Told To Stand Down

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti now forbids the city’s firefighters and police officers from complying with ICE.

The men and women bound to protect the citizens of Los Angeles will no longer be able to do their jobs. Mayor Eric Garcetti is now demanding that the city’s firefighters and police officers neglect their duty and ignore federal immigration orders. The pugnacious act is the latest among a string of liberal assaults on President Trump’s administration.

LA intends to cling to its status as a sanctuary city in spite of fierce opposition. The recent spat of high-profile crimes committed by illegal immigrants has barely cooled the left’s exuberance for so-called “sanctuary cities.” Democrats are so desperate to stymie President Trump’s agenda that they’re willing to risk the safety of Americans. Previously peaceful neighborhoods are being overrun by dangerous illegals; school districts are overburdened with too many students.

Garcetti ironically justifies his opposition by claiming that the president’s dictates are “un-American.” Apparently the mayor feels that his loyalties lie with the criminals sneaking into our country rather than with his own constituents.

In Los Angeles, we don’t separate people from their families because it’s inhumane,” Garcetti said this week. “In Los Angeles, we don’t demonize our hardworking neighbors just because they speak another language or come from another country.”

Reasonable sentiments, but they’re misapplied. The families destroyed by illegal immigration are American. Of course we don’t hate our neighbors, the U.S. was built by immigrants. We welcome everyone who applies legally. But those whose flout our laws and abuse our generosity clearly don’t respect America enough to deserve citizenship.

Sanctuary cities intend to defy the president and shelter illegal immigrants.

FOX News believes that there at least 300 jurisdictions scattered throughout the U.S. that refuse to turn illegals over to ICE. Radicals on the left are so enamored with their open-border fantasies that they’ve convinced hundreds of officials to abandon their responsibilities. I wonder, while the bleeding-hearts are pining over the fate of migrants, do they also think about the thousands of Americans whose lives have been wrecked by illegal immigration?

We look to be able to strike that balance between public safety and trust. We do a better job because we work together than we otherwise would; counter-terrorism is a great example,” said LA Sheriff Jim McDonnell, one of the few California politicians that’s opposed to Garcetti’s decision.

We can allow ICE access to those individuals. That’s a system that by and large works very well for us at this point and one of the main reasons I look at Senate Bill 54 as something that is unnecessary.”

Prohibiting the police from doing their job is a terrible idea. ICE agents aren’t bogeyman. Every reasonable person agrees that illegals who commit additional crimes while in the U.S. deserve to be deported. Even Obama adopted a tough stance towards undocumented migrants with a rap sheet.

Trump remains committed to reforming our broken immigration system. ICE agents aren’t going to be put off by the resistance of local governments. Deportation restrictions have been eased and agents are no longer hampered by Obama’s rules. Millions of people are on their radar while the previous administration only considered approximately 1.4 million people to be priorities.

Americans support LEGAL immigration.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump’s team created a list that cited over 200 examples of undocumented migrants “who were said to have been released from custody by local jails despite requests from federal agents. The requests, often called ‘detainers,’ have taken on a greater role in the immigration debate. Many ‘sanctuary cities’ choose to not honor the requests when immigrants complete their sentences and are released from jail.”

It’s incredibly unsettling to imagine hundreds of criminal, possibly violent illegals, shuffling back onto American streets rather than be deported. Of course Trump is alarmed, we all should be. Last week a 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by two illegals in a high school bathroom. Those are the men being protected by sanctuary cities.

Yet just this month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, introduced protocols that would throw a wrench in any attempt by ICE to remove undocumented youth from NYC schools.

This adds another layer of defense so that it’s quite clear if an agent shows up, the default position is they’re not coming in the building,” De Blasio said. “Legal staff from the DOE and/or Law Department have to get involved, the principal has to get involved, senior police officials have to get involved before any decision is made on how to proceed.”

Sanctuary cities are heavily concentrated in blue states.

De Blasio openly admits that he plans to continue running NYC as a sanctuary city. He, and others like him, seem to relish defying the president. Trump’s election infuriated the radical fringes of the left. They’re now acting out that anger.

Trump’s administration has floated the idea of denying federal funding to sanctuary cities. That’s a very good idea. Local governments can’t reject federal law but still expect to suck from the government teat.