PUBLISHED: 10:13 PM 14 Nov 2016

BREAKING: Julian Assange Has Just Been Freed And Allowed To Leave


Julian Assange: A Hero of Truth

Here’s a trivia question you can run by your friends and family:

“What’s the most famous movie of all time?”

The Godfather?

King Kong?

Star Wars?

It’s A Wonderful Life?


Here are some clues.

The most famous film of all time was shot in a single take.

The most famous film of all time cost $0 to produce.

The most famous film all time is only 26.6 seconds long.

This is the because the most famous film of all time is:

The Zapruder Film

WATCH (Viewer Discretion Advised):

The Moon landing footage is also extremely famous, nothing in it is as famous–or as infamous–as what’s in the Zapruder film.

As you probably know, the Zapruder film is “a silent, color motion picture sequence shot by private citizen Abraham Zapruder with a home-movie camera, as U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, thereby unexpectedly capturing the President’s assassination.”

So many things happen so quickly in the Zapruder footage that it has been dissected frame by frame, slowed down, and played backwards more than any other film in history.

And by my lights, this year’s election is going to be like the Zapruder film of American politics.

Donald Trump was elected President less than a week ago, but already so many changes have occurred.

+ Russia, Syria, and the Philippines are reestablishing diplomatic relations with the USA

+ The globalist financial agenda has taken a massive hit because the TPP is dead (and the TTIP and TISA are just as doomed).

+ Canada and Mexico almost immediately announced they were willing to renegotiate NAFTA with America.

+ Trump has forced major political analysts and newspapers to admit that they were not only wrong but also biased.

+ Congress admits that the funds and legal pathway for building the first stages of Trump’s wall are already approved.

What I call “the Trump Effect” is changing so many things so quickly and so dramatically that you need to treat each week, if not each day, like a Zapruder film: rewind it, slow it down, take it all in frame by frame. It’s so hard to believe and so overwhelming that you have to pinch yourself to see if you’re dreaming.

For example, once I gave him a fair shake and learned more about Julian Assange’s life, his story has completely sucked me in. In the past two months alone, I have written probably a dozen or so articles about him and Wikileaks. I was worried that they would taper off or take a break once the U.S. election, so imagine how excited I was to see them continuing to drop hundreds and thousands of leaked emails every day just like before.

And then, last night, I saw something that felt like a miracle–it felt like I’d watched the Zapruder a hundred times but then this time the bullet missed Kennedy!

Put yourself in Julian Assange’s shoes. As a teenager you teach yourself advanced coding and software programming. Later you use your “superpower” for good, not evil, to show governments around the world where and how their computer networks are vulnerable to cyberattacks. You then become an editor of leaked documents in order to expose government corruption and illegal surveillance.

Then you are falsely accused of rape and “trapped” in a foreign embassy for over five years, unable to see your own family or friends, and literally at risk from a drone strike on the rare occasions you show your face on an embassy balcony. After five years of isolation and persecution, your life would feel like the Zapruder film on an endless loop.

But then one day you wake up and the spool of film has snapped. The projector is broken. You have your life back again. You are free to go.

Now, did Donald Trump personally and directly convince Sweden to give asylum to Assange after more than five years of stiff-arming him? Of course not. But Assange’s sudden reversal of fortune is part of the larger wave of changes that we are seeing due to Trump’s historical victory.

For conservative patriots watching the globalist agenda suffer so many defeats so quickly is like watching a version of the Zapruder film where Kennedy finally escapes death. Keep your eyes open and your handycams ready, because the Trump Effect is just getting started.

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