PUBLISHED: 2:48 AM 17 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 2:58 AM 17 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Julian Assange DEAD, Ecuadorean Embassy Raided MINUTES Ago


As the desperation mounts, the Democrats and their globalist backers are taking off the gloves like never before.

As time runs out, the enemies of America are becoming more reckless, more open–and much more dangerous.

And as the mountain of corruption being released by Wikileaks on a daily basis continues to grow, the State Propaganda Bureau (aka the Mainstream Media) is doing everything it can to distract American voters from the damning realities.

But the truth is like a puddle of quicksilver: the harder you squeeze it, the faster it slips between your fingers.

The truth will out, and, to recall the words of Jesus, everything that has been spoken in private shall be brought into the light. If the popularity of the Wikileaks foundation and its founder Julian Assange is any indication, Jesus would have included emails in that prophecy. As a CDP reader, you are on a basic level a lover of the truth: we write our articles for you and you read them for a better knowledge of “the story behind the story,” the truth behind the media spin, the light in a world of darkness.

Unfortunately, the unnamed forces and unseen faces of the globalist elite are addicted to darkness. It is their natural element, because it gives them freedom to rewrite the rules… or even rub out the inconvenient torchbearers who want to spread the truth. I’ve already reported here at CDP how the DNC is fully prepared to hack, stalk, expose, and even kill pro-Trump “thought-leaders” online. Over the past ten years, Julian Assange has become a living symbol of the love for truth. Bearing that torch, however, has not been a bed of roses for him.


He may not look fierce, but Assange’s love for the truth is.

For the past five years, he has been isolated in the Ecuadorean embassy in London. A few weeks ago, for the tenth anniversary of Wikileaks, Assange appeared from the embassy via a live video broadcast with an unknown announcement. Although many people were disappointed that Assange did not “drop the bomb” on the Clintons in his video broadcast, Assange did make two important claims that some people ignored in their rush for immediate dirt.

First, Assange explained that the documents exposing Hillary Clinton would not only be enough to indict her, but also that the tons and tons of files would be released in “batches” every week. That same day, Wikileaks made good on their promise to kick the long-awaited leaks by releasing a court document that brought attention to old Clinton scandals, especially Whitewater. Obviously, that small morsel didn’t satisfy the truthseekers waiting for the leaks, but it was a promising sign.

Fortunately for truthseekers like you and me, it was not long after that the dam broke. On an almost daily basis, Wikileaks has been releasing thousands of emails taken (by whom? when? how?) from the emails of John Podesta, a major DNC player and Hillary’s campaign manager this year. Now on the 9th batch, the emails have sent shockwaves and have even seeped into mainstream media channels. Mainstream journalists, after all, can only cover their ears and tell Americans to “watch the birdie!” for so long.

Eventually, the truth will out.

And out it is coming.

As I said though, exposing so many “inconvenient truths” is a dangerous calling for Julian Assange and the Wikileaks staff in general. This is why I think he raised a second point that many have overlooked. About a third into his video statement, Assange mentioned how Ecuador has “taken heat” for harboring Assange all these years, and that fairness might dictate that Assange finds a new shelter. Indeed, only a couple weeks before his broadcast, an unidentified man was spotted climbing up the Ecuadorean embassy wall, but was apprehended before he could break into Assange’s room.

Remember, if you live for lucrative lies, you will have zero qualms about ending lives to hide the truth.

Assange’s enemies–the enemies of truth–may have accelerated Assange’s extradition for Ecuador–by moving him into a bodybag.

This story is breaking faster than I can keep track of, so stay tuned for further developments, but for now, here are some key snapshots:


What might have been in that special vegan lunch that Anderson brought Assange today?

Without getting lost in the weeds, the point is that Wikileaks suddenly tweeted three “hash codes” to grab the attention of John Kerry, Ecuador (the government), and UK FCO (i.e., the British equivalent of the State Department). Hashes like this do not unlock files, but they allow interested parties to confirm that the sender really is the owner of the encrypted files (assuming the hash codes match the encrypted file names). In other words, it’s like giving someone your vehicle registration to prove you own the car, but not giving them the keys.

These hashes are “insurance” for Wikileaks, letting any possible enemies know that they have the files and can release them at a moment’s notice.

The following comment in a discussion forum gives a good explanation:


Why would John Kerry be in London? To scare Assange–or to talk him down from “going nuclear” with the next links? We have no idea right now, but another update in a discussion forum paints a dramatic picture:


Why would the police converge on Assange’s residence and remove people’s mobile devices?

Again, we don’t know, and that’s no thanks to our joke of a mainstream media:

Is Assange in a blindfold in an unmarked cargo plane over the Atlantic? Is he in a London jail cell? Is he in a bodybag? For now, we have no idea, but we do know that the battle of wills between the masters of darkness and the torchbearers of truth is reaching a fever pitch.

Nor are we afraid. Don’t let the masters of darkness intimidate you. Keep your eyes on the torch and come November 8, get to the polls so we can elect Donald Trump to Make America Great Again!

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