PUBLISHED: 10:54 PM 14 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 11:38 PM 14 Feb 2017

BREAKING: Jets That Performed Buzz Run Along U.S. Aircraft Carrier Now Exposed As Russian


Without reason, Putin has just shown the same disrespect to Trump that he showed to Obama.

Nothing short of an unanswered attack or outright surrender will hurt a nation’s view on the world stage as much as disrespect. It was the disrespect that Wikileaks exposed that just a few U.S. soldiers showed that lead to a tarnished world image that America is still trying to recover from. The nation that freed the concentration camps and brought down the Berlin Wall without shooting a single bullet had its reputation forever questioned as a result of a few bad apples.

One of the most disrespectful leaders in the world today is without a doubt Vladimir Putin, leader of Russia. On the Fourth of July, this “friend” of Americas called then president Barrack Hussein Obama and allegedly gave some sort of call saying (to paraphrase) “Happy 4th of July, Russia congratulates you, Love, Putin” only hours (at most) from sending his bombers screaming towards panic zones for the U.S. military.

The four Russian long-range bombers prowled so awfully close to the United States line of demarcation that U.S. jets scrambled and intercepted the planes near Alaska. If that was not insulting enough, roughly one-half hour later more potential Russian aggression happened near the coast of California. It can be assumed that the second act was done to highlight that the first breach was not an error, which happens.


Foolish displays like this could put the U.S. and Russia on a footing towards unneeded military exchanges.

Russia under Putin has entered U.S. waters with battle submarines on multiple occasions and mocked Obama by buzzing United States warships (in waters where the U.S. was fully allowed to be) on even more occasions. These kinds of unneeded and highly dangerous displays of muscle could very easily lead to a shooting war.

With both Russia and the United States having a nervous twitch with their fingers on the nuclear button to a greater degree than at any time since the Cold War, this kind of action from Putin could put the world in jeopardy. There have been almost two dozen times that mishaps have almost caused nuclear war in the past.

This is very strange for Putin to do considering that he is the one who crows the loudest about what he sees as NATO disrespecting his borders. It seems that for Putin, what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander, nor the Russian bear. That said, Donald Trump is not Obama and he has shown no disrespect towards Russia or Putin.

While the world has attacked Putin in every way imaginable, Trump has taken the high road and said that he hopes that he and Putin get along since that would be good for the world. Trump even took fire for admitting that he has respect for the Russian leader.


Political pundits have long questioned how Trump would hand Russian aggression. Now sadly, the world has to find out.

That respect is clearly not mutual since America has suffered the slight of Russia allowing China to point WMD and nuclear-capable weapons at the United States along the Russian border. Now the disrespect has gone to the extreme even with Trump as it is now known that Russia celebrated this time near St. Valentines Day – ironically the saint of courtly love during the Dark Ages -to buzz U.S. warships the same way that he did to Obama. It seems that Putin has a particular fetish for dampening U.S. holidays, and it also shows that Putin is not a man that is gracious enough to warrant being overly friendly towards, a lesson that Trump will certainly remember.

The incident, which only hit the news on Feb. 14th but which happened on Feb 10th had no love to be shown as a United States destroyer in the Black Sea dealt with incoming low-flying Russian aircraft. Putin would have thought himself to have been ill-used had Trump put forth the order to gun them down from the skies, yet it seems as if Russia is demanding nothing less. While Trump has yet to remove the troops and weapons from Russian borders, an act that would alert potential terror networks that the time to attack has arrived, Trump has said that he wishes to meet with Putin. The two have conversed on the phone and it had been hoped that the two men could find a way to unite enough to solve this most crucial of problems.


Russia is starting to treat America just as it did in the day of the Cold War, only instead of nuclear missiles in Cuba, it is Russian warplanes near our vessels.

On the road leading up to Trump’s White House victory, the only time that Donald Trump even hinted at aggression at Russia was over the issue of buzzing our warships. The fact that Navy Captain Danny Hernandez has said, “There were several incidents involving multiple Russian aircraft,” shows that Putin (just like with Alaska and California) makes a point to show that the act is not an error. The spokesman for the European Command said also that “They were assessed by the commanding officer as unsafe and unprofessional.” That is the professional way of saying that Putin’s actions could lead us into a nuclear war with such foolish displays.

The first two flyby’s saw a pair of Russian Su-24’s and one Su-24 jet enter into provocations. These were seen along with a third act of ariel strutting with a Russian IL-38 transport aircraft. The aggressive planes flew both low and at menacing speeds which could have not only caused an error, but God forbid, have been misread as an attack. While Russians are not known for Kamakazi pilots, they are known for unpredictable behavior as of late, as underscored when Captain Hernandez added, “These incidents are always concerning because they could result in miscalculation or accident.

Donald Trump speaks with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Monday, June 29, 2015 in Chicago. (Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

After showing respect for Putin and being slighted for it, Trump will now have to decide how he needs to reply to Russian taunting and acts of aggression towards U.S. warships.

It is vital to note that the term “miscalculating” does not just mean accidentally or purposefully flying a jet into a warship, but also it is a blanket term used to define any action that could lead an advisory to think that an attack is under way or otherwise illicit a response from a potential foe. Think of it as “friendly fire” between two nations who are not friends, while not at war.

The United States Porter did his job and demanded that the Russian Air Force halt at once, but the Russians purposefully had their transponders, which are monitored by those who are charged with matters of national safety and security turned off. That means that Russia seems to be trying to bait the United States into a war so that Russia can say that the U.S, as well as NATO, have now disrespected Putin even though it will have been them that forced America’s hand.

If things with Russia slide much further downward it is hard to say how hard everyone involved is going to hit the ground. Trump’s plan of bringing mutual respect to the deal making table with Putin seems to have proved somewhat ineffective. Thankfully this is not Trump’s first time at defeating a person who hates America and who has shown our nation great disrespect….after all, he has already beaten Hilary Clinton.