PUBLISHED: 11:33 PM 29 Jul 2016

BREAKING: It’s Terrible, Now Democrats Are Going After THIS Group


We have just received some startling news from the Democratic National Convention. Protestors are one thing…but now they’re “booing” an Afghanistan War Veteran.

According to the news website The Daily Beast, the “hecklers seemed to be supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders.” But they’re latest action just proves that they have no love for their country, or worse yet, for the brave troops who sacrifice their lives to defend it.

When a Medal of Honor recipient, Captain Florent Groberg, came on the stage to show his support for Hillary Clinton, “they were drowned out by chants of ‘No More War’ and ‘USA'”.

Groberg served in Afghanistan, where he “lost a leg during his service.” He addressed the crowd and told them why he though Clinton would defeat ISIS. He said ” Hillary Clinton has been preparing for this moment for decades. As commander-in-chief she will defeat ISIS.”

Even though Groberg was unable to deliver his speech entirely due to the massive amounts of heckling from the audience, he still believed “in his Party” and wasn’t upset.

He said “there were a couple of hecklers…It’s America-freedom of speech!”


Interestingly, Groberg also said to the audience that he was a “registered Republican”. He was able to speak at the event because Hillary Clinton “reached out to him two weeks before the convention” and asked if he would endorse her.

According to Groberg:

“She asked me to come, and she’s done a lot of things for our veterans,” Groberg noted. “Our veterans are dying out there. She’s gone out there and tried to fix it. She’s got experience — as first lady and secretary of state.”

Groberg expressed dislike for Republican Party Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, and said “I’ve never seen a single thing Donald Trump has done for veterans.”

Although by rights Groberg can choose who he wants to support for President, he is wrong to disrespect our men and women in uniform who dedicate their lives to serving our nation. Hillary Clinton was very wrong not to do anything about it during the convention.

What do you think of Captain Groberg’s speech at the convention and how Hillary Clinton did NOTHING to stop him from disrespecting American soldiers? Please share this story and comment below.