Hillary may have finally been stopped by the IRS of all agencies

Hillary may have finally been stopped by the IRS of all agencies

What do Al Capone and Hillary Clinton have in common?

On the surface, you would be correct in scratching your head and shrugging your shoulders; any of us would. After all, one is a notorious insider in the world of organized graft and corruption with allegations surrounding them of murders and ‘suicides’ to informants with scores of broken careers, lives, and blood on their hands. The other is Al ‘Scarface’ Capone, head of one of America’s most notorious prohibition era mobs.

If you look with a discerning eye, similarities do emerge. Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago, Al Capone ran his underworld empire from there. Both grew up in the hard politics and life that is Chicago, Hillary in the elite circles, Capone buying off those in elite circles. Both have countless disappearances, mysteries, and deaths surrounding them.


There may very well be another link. A link that will astound and surprise many of you, the Federal Agency that ultimately hastens their downfall. It looks like that the very same agency that took down Capone in the 30’s when trafficking of alcohol, murder, and racketeering charges wouldn’t stick is potentially the same agency that will take down Hillary: the IRS.

What goodies await us in The Clinton vaults?

What goodies await us in The Clinton vaults?

The Internal Revenue Service is investigating claims of ‘pay-to-play’ practices at the Clinton Foundation. Former prosecutor Katie Phang says an investigation such as this is usually serious but maybe not in this case. “Well, actually, normally I would say it’s pretty serious but we’ve seen with the whole Lois Lerner kind of email situation maybe it’s not going to be that heavy,” said Phang adding that the IRS should be as tough on the foundation as it would be with any other group.

“Is the IRS really standing for the ‘Ineffective Review Service’ and not the Internal Revenue Service?  Is the tax exempt investigation that’s going to occur on the Clinton Foundation really going to reveal anything? Well, it should,” Phang told the FOX Business Network’s Ashley Webster.


Rep. Martha Blackburn (R-Tenn) has been leading a year-long push to investigate the Clinton use of funds which includes letters sent to the IRS and the FTC.

For Blackburn, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is not a team builder. For over a year, Blackburn has been questioning the how the Clinton Foundation operates. She started with the IRS and followed up the Federal Trade Commission. “We sent a letter after the first of the year to the FTC asking about the charity [Clinton Foundation] and whether it was a scam charity,” she alleges that the Clinton Foundation gives about 15% of its donations to its missions far below the 50%-75%, other charities commit.

“Interestingly enough what we heard back from them (FTC) was it was not a sham charity,” she added while noting that some charities have been shut down for giving less than 50%.

At the Republican National Convention, she told that the Clinton Foundation gives about 15% of its donations to its missions far below the 50%-75%, other charities commit. Despite her allegations, she said, “Interestingly enough what we heard back from them (FTC) was it was not a sham charity.”


“But is [IRS Commissioner] John Koskinen really going to look into the Clinton Foundation? It seems a little quid pro quo these days in terms of how the Clintons work with other people, so I’m not sure my confidence level is that high.” Conservative lawmakers are calling for Koskinen to be impeached for the way the IRS allegedly handled politically active nonprofits.

In the end Hillary is nothing more that a mobster in a pantsuit

In the end, Hillary is nothing more that a mobster in a pantsuit

The Democratic Party is no stranger to dealing with underworld elements. Rumors abound at the Kennedy Family’s ties to organized crime; there is the Daley’s of Chicago; Tammany Hall in New York; Jimmy Hoffa, the unions, and organized crime. So it would not at any lengths stretch the imagination to assume that the Clintons picked up a pointer or two on how to run a corrupt organization.

When you think about it, one should be surprised if the DNC is not more run like an organized crime outfit. This past election cycle certainly showed that they know how to put the fix in and throw their own under the bus.

Which brings us to the books and what may hide in the Clinton Vault.  Unlike the Geraldo Rivera episode on Al Capone’s vault, this one will reveal criminal collusion and conspiracy that could take down the current Administration (another Chicago alumni), several key corporate players from around the world and possibly right up to George Soros himself.


Until the IRS starts looking, we have no idea what goodies are hidden in their records. It will be earth-shattering, to say the least.

Which makes it imperative that we install a new IRS commissioner, one that is not a lackey of Clinton of Obama; a commissioner that is dedicated to enforcing the tax code fairly and firmly, not inventing reasons to audit some while scrutinizing others as a form of political retribution.

We need a strong IRS to track the trail of money, wherever it leads, willing to prosecute wrongdoing and blow the lid off all the secrets of the Clintons.

Whether it is payoffs to Bill’s victims, pay for play access that nations and corporations that were corrupt bought to sway our government or even pizza sales, the whole unvarnished truth must be revealed. In the end, it will be revealed that Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a mobster in a pantsuit.

Al Capone, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama in this latest scandal involving the corrupt nature of Chicago-land politics and ways of doing business is falling victim to a saying of another Illinois politician, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all the people all of the time.”

Abraham Lincoln is right in that regard, after 8 years of dirty dealing by the Obama’s and over 30 years of it from the Clintons, their attempts at fooling all the American people have finally starting to come to an end.