PUBLISHED: 12:03 AM 10 Mar 2017

IRS Finds 6,924 Documents Outlining Obama’s Systematic Attack Of Tea Party Groups


The I.R.S. under Obama was used in every illegal way imaginable against libertarians, Constitutionalists, Republicans, and pro-life groups.

There are times when the amount of evidence amassed to prove guilt is almost too much to even cipher through. In some instances, even though no prosecutor in his right mind would admit to it, the evidence needed to convict someone can sometimes be so massive that a guilty outcome is assured. If, as a perfect world would dictate, Obama was on trial for offenses dished out to conservative and Tea Party groups under the I.R.S. while he was in office, such a trove of data looked at today would convict him easily.

Much of the information collected has been known for some time, but is so large that it would take the average person years to dig through it all. The Gateway Pundit has gathered a heaping mound of data and put it all in one spot so that everyone can easily see the corruption. There are, for instance, links showing that president Obama “targeted over 400 conservative groups for intrusive scrutiny.” This is an even greater number than many had feared true. In that crime, no less than 426 organizations received unfair treatment from Uncle Sam. The list would have included another 40, but they opted out, likely due to excessive wait that negated the initial need.


Those who had their rights negated by the I.R.S. took to the streets in protest over the matter.

Sixty of those groups “coincidentally” had the word “Tea” in their name. Even mainstream darlings, The Washington Post, ran with the headline, “IRS auditor reaffirms that conservatives, not liberals, were targeted.” In the article is proof that the government used the I.R.S. like a weapon against conservative groups. It also shows that while liberal groups may have received a few verification questions, it was nothing compared to the hurdles that conservative groups had to leap through.

Things did not go any better for those groups that stood by Israel while they combat the radical Islamic threat either. This was displayed in the way that five of the groups targeted were from that very cause. It is interesting to observe how political correctness has allowed us to capitulate with and side with radical butchers as our government works to stifle the works of those in Israel who’ve made a paradise out of a former wasteland.


The Libertarian Party has long wanted to wisely abolish the I.R.S. Today, that view is being spoken about within the GOP.

It was in May of 2013 that we learned that these offenses have only worsened and became more apparent over time. It did not make much to bring this unfair treatment down upon a group either, as proven by the fact that simply speaking badly about Obama was grounds for the scrutiny. The facts found within the works show that Obama was someone who was setting himself up as beyond such things, and he was willing to use the I.R.S. to see that his image was enforced.

We learned also, this time from the Daily Caller, that while pro-choice groups were free to express their legal rights without I.R.S. hounding, pro-life groups were illegally told that they would only get the money if they promised not to protest at Planned Parenthood sites. Since the government funds the group and they are tied so heavily into the abortion agenda, PP was protected by Obama. The Thomas More Society had found that the I.R.S. “probed two of their pro-life clients” by asking about their prayers and pledges. There are no reports showing that this happened to any other groups’ religious freedom separate from government intrusion, nor how the I.R.S. imagined that this was a legal step to take.


America has been electing more and more people who want to see real change in the I.R.S.

The list goes on and on; an “83-year-old great-grandmother who was once held in a World War II,” who always paid her taxes, a 180-year-old Baptist newspaper, and even Hollywood’s conservative groups. Constitutional loving actors and those in the entertainment industry must hide their names from prying eyes to be even allowed to work. If they are outed as a conservative who loves America, they will meet the blacklist for life.

The Pundit’s documentation goes deeper, showing that conservative activists and businesses were abused by the government. The same happened to a group almost as hated for betrayal as Hollywood libertarians, and that is conservative Hispanics. One of the conservative groups that faced undue opposition to tax-exempt status was the Coalition for Life, which also had a number of Hispanic members. Latinos and Hispanics soon discovered that they are only cared about by the Democrats when they shut up and follow their left wing marching orders. If not, they will find that they get no tax exempt status, – just like the vile Republicans – to use their vernacular on the matter.

We know that the I.R.S. had become so full of themselves that they continued these illegal practices even after the scandal had become known. Perhaps they were secure in the hope that Clinton was going to stroll into the White House, as was suspected since day one of Obama’s second term. Perhaps they just felt above the law and did not care. Regardless of the motive, it was confirmed four years ago that the “House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp reveal[s] that an agent involved in reviewing tax exempt applications from conservative groups told a committee investigator that the agency is still targeting Tea Party groups, three months after the IRS scandal erupted.” These are the words of the of I.R.S. themselves.


A greatly stripped down tax plan such as Ran Paul (pictured) is pushing president Trump to accept would be too small to abuse the rights of Americans.

With findings showing that 10% of the Tea Party donors were audited by the I.R.S, which is a rate that is a full ten times larger than the rest of the population, outrage is called for. Did the I.R.S. really think that so many more people from largely Christian groups would act this way, or was it just an attack? Their own words confirm the latter, which is clear by the fact that 100% of the 501(c)(4) Groups Audited by IRS were conservative.

Many will suggest that with Trump in office that the time to obsess and worry about these things are over. However, as seen by the way that his repeal and replace ideas for Obamacare have been watered down by an establishment loving GOP, so it will be with I.R.S. reform if as Americans we do not heed the warnings compiled and make sure that it never, ever is allowed to happen again.