PUBLISHED: 10:23 PM 2 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 10:23 PM 2 Mar 2017

Iran General Admits Terror Cells On U.S. Soil, Preparing ‘Trojan Horse’ Using U.S. Nukes

Top Iranian general and military strategist reveals chilling plans in secretly taped video!

Top Iranian general and military strategist reveals chilling plans in secretly taped video!

Top Iranian general and military strategist reveals chilling plans in secretly taped video!

For months now the CIA, with full backing of the mainstream media, has been attacking Russia; blaming President Putin for hacks into email servers and rigging elections. Former President Obama escalated tensions between the two super powers with unwarranted sanctions against Russia and even threatening Putin with military action during a “Red” phone call initiated by Obama.

President Trump, during his campaign, as president-elect and now Commander-In-Chief, has taken the Reagan approach with Putin; “trust but verify.” During this same period Trump has repeatedly pronounced the number one enemy and threat to the US is Iran and extremist Islam, not the former USSR.

So who is factually correct? The DNC, Obama CIA, and progressive liberal MSM or President Trump?

While former president Obama with the support of the MSM has attacked Russia, President Trump is going after the real enemy!

While former president Obama with the support of the MSM has attacked Russia, President Trump is going after the real enemy, one who poses massive threat to the US and global security.

From newly revealed evidence the answer is President Trump; Iran is the number one most imminent threat to the national security of the United States and the free world.

A little known website called the Guardian Gateway has uncovered and published a recent video out of Iran proving the radically rogue country’s agenda. And they are using the very money transferred to them by President Obama in his now defunct and illegitimate Iran Nuclear deal.

The deal so touted by the administration and the press now proven to be worthless since Iran is not bound to it, having never signed the agreement, according to world court law. Even the US has no contractual enforcement power under its own statutes.

In the video, Iranian Republican Guard strategist, Hassan Abbassi, reveals chilling facts as to how embedded Iranian extremists are within the Us’s own borders; on our country’s very soil and ready to strike. How they deeply infiltrated the inner circles of national security and what action will be taken.

“I’ll be brief. We have two million Iranians there. Be certain that I will raise a guerrilla army from amongst them against you. You know this well. Look how vulnerable you were on 9-11 when four Arabs who don’t know how to fight managed to endanger your foundations,” Hassan reveals in the video.

Exactly who and where are these millions Hassan references? They are our neighbors, co-workers and friends working and living among us. According to the Iranian military planner, some 7,000 are PhD holders with access to our county’s most secretive military technology and nuclear arsenal.

“We don’t need nuclear weapons,” Hassan says, “you have 6,000 nuclear warheads that is our target for our guerrillas (terrorists) to destroy, not (only) an Iranian guerrilla army movement (in the US) but we have people from all Islamic countries.”

Hassan continues, “We have identified the US achilles heel. We have all of their ground, navy, air technology and other vulnerabilities. And we will share it with all the guerrilla (terrorists) armies of the world.”

In these statements, did Hassan just announce that Iranian extremists have access to the US and NATO nuclear arsenal and have the capability to strike us with our own nuclear warheads?

Though Hassan does not say specifically how those with doctorates degrees came about these positions within our own nuclear strike departments, one sure bet, it was through government paid foreign student aid and the controversial H-1B visa programs


The same H-1B workers Progressive Democrats and tech companies are fighting to let into the country are the same PhD holders who are a threat to our national security.

These are “special” fast-tracked visas allowing technology companies to import foreign workers, most who are employed at the highest levels of research and development. The same companies who receive billions in government contracts servicing the Pentagon, the intelligence community and the military.

These workers develop and implement computer programs which control and operate all aspects of military operations, from missile guidance systems to the launching of nuclear weapons. Since they write the computer language programs they have the knowledge as to how to “hack” them with the potential of starting WWIII and annihilation of western free societies, whom they despise.

Why would a president and a government give this kind of access and power to people who come from extremist Islamic countries whose leaders openly persecute, hate and threaten our very existence?

Who is behind this massive breach in national and global security? Is this complete and ignorant incompetence by those who are sworn to protect our nation? Or is there a much darker and shadowed agenda taking place behind the scenes; actions hidden from the American people and covered up by a willingly conspirator, the MSM?

Hassan openly mocks President Trump’s temporary immigration ban which targeted Iran at the top of the list of seven countries deemed dangerous threats to national security by previous administrations.

Seeing the lax measures and ones not being enforced at all, President Trump acted immediately to close the breach. In one of his first actions as the new Commander-In-Chief, Trump signed an executive order shortly after taking his oath of office to secure the borders from not only Syrian refugees, but also anyone else from entering the US from the seven banned countries.

Progressive Democrats ignited lawsuits and protests nationwide over the ban while successfully winning a ruling from activist judges on the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to set aside the ban. And who joined George Soros in funding the ACLU and other groups to get the ban lifted?

Corporate "fat cats" Amazon's Bezos and Google's Page using their billions to jeopardize national security.

Corporate “fat cats” Amazon’s Bezos and Google’s Page using their billions to jeopardize national security.

Major technology companies like Google, Microsoft and more specifically Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

Bezos who now owns the Washington Post, is deeply embedded with the CIA and 17 other US intelligence agencies, landing a $600 million government contract through his tech company, Amazon Web Services, as reported here earlier in the week. A company known for its “cloud” storage capability and one intelligence agencies, the Pentagon and the branches of military use to secure and share national security documents.

Yet Progressive Democrats and RINO Republicans who are working together to disrupt and take down President Trump and his administration are still harping about Russia, demanding more sanctions and actions. Taking up precious time and calling for costly taxpayer funded investigations, when those resources are needed to protect the US and its allies from the real threat to global security.

GOP Rhinos John McCain and Lindsey Graham whooping it up with good buddy Progressive Dem Charles Schumer!!!

GOP RINOs John McCain and Lindsey Graham with good buddy Progressive Dem Charles Schumer! They are leading the charge against President Trump.

And it seems the CIA is leading this distracting plot to consume the attention of the American people. For what purpose? Why is the CIA in bed with Bezos and other Progressive powerhouses in trying to take down Trump? What is it they are scared of, a rising up of the people? Or are these breaches of security and otherwise treasonous tactics designed to start WWIII?

Are they attempting to create a global “crisis” creating massive chaos and destruction; dissolving national sovereignties, governments, financial institutions to usher in a new “global” system in which “they” will control all wealth and vital resources while enslaving millions?

Hassan not only reveals the “army” Iran has in place in the United States, but also points to Europe as well, specifically England. One only needs to watch videos coming out of Europe of the Islamic invasion taking place there to see the statements of Hassan are credible.

This video is not the rantings and rhetoric of some extremist Islamic clergyman, these are the statements of a military planner who is on the inside of the Iranian government and other Islamic extremist countries.

Hassan is not spitting out hate and religious “ideology.” He is revealing a carefully planned military strategy that has been in the making for years. A carefully developed targeted military strike that will affect the whole world and one in which appears to be close to being carried out.

Yes, President Trump is the one who is factually correct on his assessment who the threat is, what can happen and the action needed to thwart it; God help us all if our elected officials and the American people fails to unite behind our Commander-in-Chief.

All need to pray for our leaders and our nation on bended knees. God be with us.