PUBLISHED: 2:51 AM 5 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 3:13 AM 5 Jan 2017

BREAKING: Inner City BLM Thugs Kidnap Teen Trump Supporter, Live Stream WHOLE Thing


Some things must be seen to be believed.

What you’re about to see cannot only not be “unseen,” but is also, sadly, all too easy to believe.

It’s clear and believable, but also totally unacceptable to the reigning liberal narrative. According to that narrative, non-whites can’t be racist, violence against white people can’t be called hate crimes, and the only justice white Americans are entitled to engage in is paying reparations.

This is why certain “inconvenient realities” must be suppressed. If they are allowed to spread, they will undermine the reigning liberal narrative.

Delete, suppress, deny–this is how the Reigning Liberal Narrative survives.

According to

A young African American woman streamed a video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding a young white man hostage.

Police told WFLD-TV they became aware of the video Wednesday afternoon and the incident occurred Tuesday.

The group appearing to hold the man hostage are black, while the victim is white, but police say they have not yet determined if the case will be investigated as a hate crime.

Hate crime? In 2017? By non-whites? Against a white male?

Balderdash! Impossible!

I mean, to say half a dozen black youths kidnapping and torturing a young white man for at least half an hour is a hate crime, the police would need concrete evidence of politically motivated, racially biased violence–

What’s that?

In the video, one of the attackers can be heard yelling, “f*ck Donald Trump n*gger, f*ck white people, boy.”




So much for Reigning Liberal Narrative!

We have concrete video evidence that non-whites ganged up on a white male and publicly announced their hatred for pro-Trump Americans and all white people. But, hey, let’s not jump to the conlcusion that the nightmare spectacle was a “hate crime”!

The Narrative must stand.

But there’s more.

The victim wasn’t just white and conservative.

Police told WBBM-TV the victim has special needs and was a high-risk missing person from northwest suburban Crystal Lake.

Commander Kevin Duffin, who leads the detectives investigating the incident, said three of the suspects are Chicago residents and the fourth is from Carpentersville, Illinois.

Duffin said the victim is “an acquaintance” of one of the people in custody, and they “met in the suburbs, the subjects then stole a van out in the suburbs and drove him into Chicago.” He knew one of the subjects from high school, police said.

Many would be inclined to say this is just a “random” assault by some bored idiots. In fact though, this is just one more braid in the rope by which the Reigning Liberal Narrative must hang until its last gasp and shudder signal its passing.

This astonishing display of barbarity in America is believable and non-random because it’s actually happened before.

As I reported on November 9:

MUST-SEE: Man Dragged By Moving Car For Being “White” And “Voting Trump” (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

It’s a short video, but extremely disturbing.

Viewer Discretion Advised:

And then there’s what happened in Hollywood at the end of October 2016.

“She’s spewing hate by expressing her opinions in public–let’s destroy her belongings and beat her up!” #LiberalLogic

And now we come full-circle to Chicago, Barack Obama’s political stomping grounds.

Needless to say, the livestreamed footage is “Not Safe For Work.” Curse words, threats, violent imagery, drug use, and, yes, deranged torture of a helpless young white man in the corner.

Viewer Discretion Advised:

“Fuck Donald Trump! Fuck white people!”

“This jihad yo.”

“Let’s free him so we can smoke his ass.”

“Why y’all watching but ain’t commentin’ and shit?”

“This bitch represent Donald Trump! He deserve dis shit!”

“We fi’in to put dis mu’fuckas in da trunk and put a … brick on da gas and … [incoherent howling]. Just watch the Chicago news!”

“Niggas be drunk as shit, don’t even…”

“His ass deserve this. He from Europe… He a bug!”

“You talk about ‘put ‘im out his misery,’ aaahhhh-haha… naw, we can’t do dat on [Facebook] Live.”

Then they lift the bound and bloodied man up by a rope they tied around his neck as he groans in pain. They order him to say, “Fuck Donald Trump,” threatening to smack his face again if he doesn’t. Through his gagged, taped mouth, the man mumbles, “Fuck Donald Trump.”

Then his attacker holding him by the neck tells the man to “move yo’ hands so I can kick you, MOVE YO’ HANDS!”

“Goofy-ass white man… Ahhhhh! His bitch-ass CRYIN’!

I just wanna WIIIND UP and BEAT dis nigga.

“There’s gon’ be a MURRRRDER! The wait is almost over!”

“I’ll torture the fuck outta you, nigga!”

In between these amazing displays of non-racism by non-whites, the non-white-and-therefore-non-racist torturers discuss their favorite rap groups, chips they like to eat, shoutouts they be givin’ to they homies on da street, other ways to torment whitey, and so on.

All a day’s work in a world where “Black Lives Matter Most.”

A friend of mine hit the nail on the head:

“You know those fake hate crimes reported against Trump supporters? Well, here’s an actual ‘hate crime’, racially inspired against a Trump supporter, but I have a feeling Kermit [i.e., Obama] won’t have anything to say about it.”

Set your timers for how long it takes the mainstream media to blame this incident on “Trump’s divisive rhetoric,” or on white people in general (assuming the MSM will even mention this at all). While that timer is running, start another one to measure how fast this story gets wiped from the news cycle now that it’s breaking.

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