PUBLISHED: 7:37 PM 15 Feb 2017

BREAKING: House Of Representatives Rules, 2 Bills Immediately In Effect To Help America’s Forgotten Few

House Passing Veteran Bills

They Are Finally Helping Out Veterans

United States military veterans are among one of the most respected people that live in the country. These are people that have sacrificed so much to ensure that average citizens can continue to enjoy the freedoms that are sometimes taken for granted.

At least, the veterans should be respected. The past eight years underneath President Obama showed that was not the case. Military veterans were often neglected, as evidenced by Obama’s numerous Veterans Affairs scandals. Even worse, these veterans came home to a nation that had no jobs to help them.

Faced with no jobs and no help from the VA, these military veterans were left to rot by the previous administration. Help is on the way however, as President Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he plans to do whatever he can to help out the military veterans. Congress has heard that message as well.

The House of Representatives almost unanimously passed two acts of legislation aimed at putting veterans back to work all across the country. These two acts, named the Brave Act and the Hire Vets Act, are going to be crucial in helping out veterans returning from war to an economy that still hasn’t recovered fully.


Military Veterans Are Going To Get A Boost

The Hire Vets Act will introduce a medallion program aimed at employers that hire veterans. This program will reward employers that “recruit, employ and retain veterans; and provide community and charitable services supporting the veteran community.” It’s a nice program that is going to get potential employers involved in helping out people who have been to hell and back.

Secondly, the Brave Act will authorize “the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), in awarding a contract for the procurement of goods or services, to give preference to offerors based on the percentage of the offeror’s full-time employees who are veterans.” In other words, if you want preference on a contract, you are going to hire military veterans.

The Brave Act was passed unanimously while the Hire Vets Act passed nearly unanimously (there was one no vote). It’s something that needed to happen, considering the state of veteran employment in the United States.

While it’s true that veteran employment has increased in recent years, they still have a hard time finding works. That is thanks to a nation that has experienced a slow economy recovery. As a result of that, more than half of all veterans have left the labor force.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found in March of 2016 veterans with no disabilities only reach 51.2 percent of labor force participation. That means nearly half of all returning veterans are currently living without work. It’s a number that is 11 percent below the national labor force participation rate.

Unfortunately the veterans are forced to enter the Obama economy, or what’s left of it. Outside of the fact that people claim the recession ended in 2009, the annual growth in the past decade is the weakest ever on record. Add in the fact that it has underwhelmed and worried economists and there really shouldn’t be claims that the recession has ended.

President Barack Obama nominates former Procter and Gamble executive Robert McDonald as the next Veterans Affairs secretary as he makes a statement at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, Monday, June 30, 2014. If confirmed by the Senate, McDonald would succeed Eric Shinseki, the retired four-star general who resigned last month as the scope of the issues at veterans' hospitals became apparent. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

These Poor Veterans Were Forced To Enter A Weak Economy

However now that the House has passed the Brave Act and the Hire Vets Act, it’s going to provide an opportunity for veterans to go back into the workforce. Not only that, but it will give an incentive for companies to hire American heroes. While this is a victory now, there is still a lot of work to be done.

The next step would be to reform the veterans’ primary health care system, as well as the actual Department of Veterans Affairs. However that is expected to carry a fight as Democrats are going to put up a fight.

The nomination hearing for VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin provided this. “Senators at his nomination hearing expressed confidence that he can do that job, and welcomed his statement that he will seek ‘major reform’ at the troubled department with the help of new legislation from Congress.”

Senate Republicans want to reform the VA, but the same cannot be easily said for Senate Democrats. They have repeatedly ignored the cry for better health care among veterans. Perhaps if they were refugees the Democrats would jump at the chance, but not for military veterans.

Democrats Against Trump SCOTUS Pick

For Some Reason Senate Democrats Are Against Reforming The VA

One of the most disgusting acts that the Veterans Affairs has done has seen some of the veterans die as a result of not being treated. A special case in particular saw a patient die with MAGGOTS crawling on him. Even worse was the fact that the maggots were on him while he was still alive!

True to his word, President Trump has already started to help out the VA. His first step was firing the CEO. Corruption surrounds the department and the best way to deal with that is by making sure they are terminated from power spots. It’s about time this happened!

Share this article with everyone to show that the House has already started doing what they can to help out the military veterans of this country. This is something that should have happened while Obama was the president, but that never happened. Finally, military veterans are getting the help they need.