PUBLISHED: 9:57 PM 21 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 7:03 PM 30 Jun 2017

Hillary’s Campaign Appears As If They’re Backing Out Of The Debate

Sick Hillary Trying To Get Out Of Debate

Sick Hillary Trying To Get Out Of Debate

Sick Hillary Trying To Get Out Of Debate

The long awaited presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is set to take place on Monday, September 26, 2016. As many have recognized, Hillary’s health is withering away nearly as quickly as her chances of winning this election.

In fact, Hillary’s health has gotten so bad lately, she cancelled a major rally she had planned in North Carolina for Tuesday afternoon. Naturally, the Clinton campaign offered no response for why they cancelled an event, but we all know the reason.

Hillary has also canceled several events after she collapsed at Ground Zero on 9/11. The campaign indicated that Hillary overheated, the flu, had pneumonia. She literally has so many illnesses and health problems, it is almost impossible to keep up with which sickness she has this week.

On Saturday night, we all saw how pale, frail, and ghostly Hillary appeared at 10pm when she spoke about the New York City bombings. She appeared absolutely exhausted and unfit to stand strong for a country that desperately needs a leader during these tough times.

Sleepy Hillary Too Tired To Face Trump In Debate

Sleepy Hillary Too Tired To Face Trump In Debate

Now, it has been reported by associates close to the Clinton campaign that Hillary is attempting to cancel the debate where she is set to face Donald Trump for the first time. She may argue health issues or something else that doesn’t make sense, but she is working closely with her team to avoid having to debate in a few days.

The sources argue that Hillary feels as if the game is too close right now, and she is trying to just “run out the clock” and stay as hidden as possible before Election Day. The sources argue there is simply too much heat on Clinton and she quite possibly is one or two bad stories away from being permanently beaten.

The sources spoke on the terms of anonymity, but they have indicated that they will provide more information when it becomes available. They indicated that they clear her schedule for the rest of the week so that she can rest, but they still are concerned about the fact the Hillary will have to stand for hours during this debate.

They are also trying to push for a “seated” debate with chairs as opposed to standing. This could get very interesting in the coming days as we monitor the situation.

Whether Hillary participates in the debate or not is a moot point. We can all clearly see the Clinton campaign is literally imploding with under 50 days until the Election. The campaign is running from fire to fire, and they should all blame Hillary for carrying so much baggage, hiding so many lies, and keeping so many things secret.

Things have gotten so bad that even Clinton’s spokesman can’t even come up with answers for her failures. Watch him absolutely crash and burn in this interview from Wednesday morning. How pathetic is this?

Hillary has been in public office for 30+ years, she has no one to blame other than herself for her failures.

While we wait to hear from the Clinton campaign, we can clearly see that we are winning this election. The American people are uniting from all walks of life to ensure that this election isn’t won by Hillary.

Hillary spent $50,000,000 in August on negative ads against Trump and she still dropped in the polls by 5 percentage points. We are winning this election, but we cannot afford to let go of the lead. We have to continue to share articles and promote Donald Trump. This country needs Trump now more than ever, and the American people across the country are voicing their support.

We are very close to winning the election and ending the Clinton Cartel from ruining this country any longer, but we cannot let up now. We need to win this by as much as possible so they cannot take it away from us.

We will keep you posted whether or not Hillary drops out of the debate Monday, but either way, we can clearly see she is in full panic mode and is afraid to face Doanld Trump!