PUBLISHED: 2:04 PM 2 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Hillary Used Her Daughter To Orchestrate Media Confusion


Chelsea And Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s own daughter, who was the first non-Secret Service person to see Clinton after the incident on 9/11, confirmed the public’s suspicions of Mrs. Clinton’s claims about her health.

To recap: On August 4th, conservative YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson posted a video which suggested that Hillary Clinton was suffering from health issues. As the public now knows, the mainstream media touted Watson’s claim as another one of those “vast right-wing conspiracies.” As the public found out on September 11th, that wasn’t a conspiracy theory. Secretary Clinton collapsed just before being dragged into a vehicle and swarmed by Secret Service agents.

In the event of an emergency health issue, the protocol is for Secret Service agents to know where the nearest hospital is and the fastest route to it. When Hillary Clinton collapsed and was dragged into a vehicle, the doors closed and they were supposed to be headed to the aforementioned nearest hospital.

That didn’t happen, but a lot of other things did.

First off, her campaign denied that Hillary Clinton had any sort of health problem. Then, when she collapsed, it was reportedly due to heatstroke. The story changed a third time to “pneumonia,” with the addition that “several staff members had pneumonia,” which would mean that the illness was contagious. The story switched again after she was seen hugging a child. After that, the claims were that it wasn’t contagious.


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None of those lies support one another.

The mistakes were from a single time gap that was too short to fill everyone in and do damage control; between Hillary’s collapse and Chelsea’s apartment. Unfortunately for the former Secretary of State, she couldn’t carefully schedule a health episode at her 9/11 memorial speech. Instead of going to the hospital, she was transported to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment—which is listed as a senior care facility, “Metrocare Home Services Inc,” but that’s not the worst of it.

Either she truly had “contagious, not really contagious, heatstroke pnuemonia,” and wanted to go to her daughter’s apartment to rest—only to miraculously exit the building walking on her own shortly thereafter—or, that’s absolutely ridiculous.

Most likely option two, and Chelsea Clinton’s words suggest it.

“I didn’t know my mother had pneumonia,” Chelsea Clinton said. “I didn’t know until she came over to my apartment.” Chelsea Clinton then downplayed this by explaining that her mother is “overworked” and likely didn’t have enough time to tell her about the “pneumonia.”


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Several Americans know exactly how it feels to work hard every day, some do so without any days off. Some of those same people did their work on the rooftops of homes in the heat of the desert. And for so little pay that they couldn’t afford treatment for the health problems that work caused. That is what it is to be overworked. Hillary Clinton holding only two formal press conferences in almost 250 days doesn’t qualify as being overworked. Nor does standing in front of crowds of sometimes thirty people and lying whenever she feels like it—so long as the venue didn’t cancel due to lack of attendees.

There could be an argument made that she is working when she attends fundraising events for her wealthy donors, or having dinner with those same donors—$30,000 per plate, by the way. Other than the lack of actual effort, that argument relies on people respecting the type of work being performed. It relies on believing Chelsea Clinton when she defends her mother’s illness.

But Chelsea Clinton had no idea that her mother had pneumonia. Knowing all of this, could it be that maybe, just maybe, Hillary Clinton made up a lie—again. If this woman could lie about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire for no reason at all, it isn’t far fetched to say she lied about this. Compared to a bullet, pneumonia is nothing.

If this were any other Presidential election, a health episode like the one Hillary Clinton had would destroy a candidate’s campaign. The lies that she’s been piling up one after another in a desperate attempt to change the subject, move the spotlight, or do anything to keep the public from seeing the man—or woman—behind the curtain would have done destroyed a candidates campaign, too.

But not Hillary’s.

All of this quite obvious evidence, subversion and misdirection have fueled the Clinton camp and kept her ship of lies afloat. But she won’t have smooth sailing into the White House so long as Donald Trump is in the race.

In a shoddy and quite laughable attempt at retaliation, the left and their media have started a conspiracy theory of their own. A conspiracy theory which isn’t supported. In fact, it was disproved weeks before. ‘DONALD TRUMP’S HEALTH: IS HE SICK?’ the headlines started asking after the debates. The ‘evidence’ they cited was that Trump had a glass of water, and breathed in through his nose; they called this “the sniffles.”

The first step in eviscerating those hilarious claims is a word on Donald Trump’s actual health. Mr. Trump appeared on Dr. Oz, where they went over his doctor’s letter regarding the Republican Presidential nominee’s health.


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“His physical strength and stamina are extraordinary,” Trump’s doctor, Jacob Bornstein wrote.

The entirety of the American public could see the results of Mr. Trump’s immaculate health report weeks before the debate. In contrast, the entirety of the American public watched Hillary Clinton collapse, lie, lie again, lie a third time, and then her daughter claimed she didn’t even know that her mother had “pneumonia,” or whatever it is this time.

And which candidate does the media pick to harass about health issues? Donald Trump.