PUBLISHED: 5:16 PM 14 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Hillary Passes Out In Public, Secret Service Throws Limp Body Into Van

Why Has Everyone Allowed This Critical Event To Go Unnoticed?

Why Has Everyone Allowed This Critical Event To Go Unnoticed?

Why Has Everyone Allowed This Critical Event To Go Unnoticed?

This election cycle has been home to a multitude of issues. From foreign policy mishaps and weak borders, to personal attacks and health problems, we’ve seen it all.

Except, even though the American people are aware of what’s going on, there still seems to be a disconnect at the national level. It doesn’t help that mass media is doing its best to twist and misconstrue every talking point Trump hammers on.

Yet, there is undeniably a topic that hasn’t been given enough thought or attention. There is literal video evidence of Hillary Rodham Clinton passing out completely before being tossed into a van by secret service:

As you can see in the video, as soon as her steps began to waver, the security detail moved into position to block off any additional camera footage from being captured. It very much looked like something that was trained for, and even expected.

Why would the Democratic Party be content to have its main leader stricken by such health issues? Why would they willingly watch as Hillary’s health continues to decline?

The answer, while simple and glaringly obvious, isn’t being talked about by anyone. Do not forget that Hillary is funded by very, very large mega donors who affect real policy decisions on national and international forums.

The Democratic Party cares nothing about Hillary Clinton. Obama, Bernie, and many other party leaders have openly spoke of Hillary’s incompetence. There is no loyalty like they would have you believe.

No, the real decisions are made by the domestic and foreign corporations that dictate what actually happens in this country. Just take a look at George Soros’ recent donations if you want a perfect example.

He gave $500,000 to the newfound Black Lives Matter uprising (which he is now writing off his taxes; the American People get to pay his tab). This was after Hillary met with the BLM leader DeRay Mckesson in the oval office. She told them in a secret meeting that their job was to create a social uprising so that her team could affect policy changes that would benefit donors. In short, it’s all about money and Hillary is really good at exploiting the American People to fill her own coffers.

Please understand what is actually going on here. The Democratic Party KNOWS that Hillary is on the verge of dying from a catastrophic Parkinson’s episode. Even CNN reported on her traumatic blood clot in 2013 that required blood thinners and New York’s best medical doctors on the scene; it’s not a secret.

They will keep her alive just long enough to assume full control of the White House. And when she passes away, Kaine will move into position to become a complete puppet of the Clinton Foundation that will then be ran solely by Bill Clinton.

Obama isn’t going anywhere either though. Recent Wiki Leak emails show that the Clinton Family is sure not to “forget what their friends have done for them.”

An Email Sent Directly To Obama's Right Hand Man, Chief Of Staff Podesta

An Email Sent Directly To Obama’s Right Hand Man, Chief Of Staff Podesta

Everything has come full circle. We have watched America slowly tank over the past decade. Yet, no Patriot knew how truly bad things were about to get. This could be the end of Democracy as we know it. Only one thing will save America now; stand strong as we join together in just 24 short days.