PUBLISHED: 1:38 AM 5 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 1:52 AM 5 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Government Documents From Columbia Now Show “Grand Jury” Deal

The People Aren't Buying Their Lies Anymore


The People Aren't Buying Their Lies Anymore

The People Aren’t Buying Their Lies Anymore

Why is Hillary Clinton protected by the Obama Administration when the two were at each others throat in 2008? As Obama picked up momentum in the 2008 presidential campaign and Clinton barely hung on, she and her husband were accused of using racially coded attacks against the former senator of Illinois and current president of the United States. So why suddenly are they best friends while she’s accusing Republicans now for doing something she did back in 2008? Is it that the Clintons have always had the government paid off and ready for use at their immediate disposal?


Hillary Clinton and President Barrack Hussein Obama suddenly best friends after years of being enemies.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and President Barrack Hussein Obama suddenly best friends after years of being enemies.

President Obama notoriously shredded Hillary Clinton apart in 2008, saying that while he was on the street speaking with individuals about their jobs being shifted overseas, Mrs. Clinton was a “corporate lawyer, sitting on the board of Walmart”. What suddenly changed? Money. Power. Greed. These are just a few attributes of the Democratic Party and their inconsistency.


Wikileaks has provided further insight into how corrupt and favorable the government is toward Hillary Clinton, leaking a DNC earlier today, celebrating their 10 year anniversary. “It is absurd for the Obama administration to argue that Hillary Clinton’s privacy would keep a draft indictment from the American public,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton.

“One can’t help but conclude that the Obama administration is doing a political favor for Hillary Clinton at the expense of the public’s right to know about whether prosecutors believed she may have committed federal crimes.”

DNC leaked by Wikileaks today in celebration of their 10th anniversary against 'Crooked' Hillary.

DNC leaked by Wikileaks today in celebration of their 10th anniversary against ‘Crooked’ Hillary.

I firmly believe if these drafts of indictment were to be exposed, President Obama would be implicated in crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, which is why he is working vigorously to endorse her. The facts are confined within the court paperwork and President Obama’s continued loyalty to oil money and corruption have been proven.


I can’t bring up the drafts of indictment without bringing up Texan Republican, Tom DeLay- whom the Clinton campaign insists on working closely with on the Welfare bill. The dates and events the Clintons recite over and over again claiming to be intimately working with Mr. DeLay are flat-out lies.

In fact, Mr. DeLay told Mother Jones in August of 2016 that he doesn’t “remember ever working with her (Hillary Clinton) on that bill” and his memory of events are backed up by several people involved with the bill, White House records as well as video archives. This puts a big hole into Hillary Clinton’s involvement with proper conduct of immigration.

Going back to 1996, Hillary Clinton should have been found guilty of hiding drafts of indictment. Instead, her husband was the president of the United States and she was released of all charges with the poor excuse that the drafts of indictment would risk her privacy as a ‘public figure’.

The same cover that President Obama continues to stand by.


Coincidentally, the drafts of indictment were ‘misplaced’ in two boxes in the West Wing of the White House and I refuse to believe that Hillary Clinton- Senator, First-Lady, Secretary of State and relentless lawyer (who claims to be for women rights yet calls a twelve year old female rape victim a liar) could be so aloof and careless. It’s more than likely that she hid these documents until they had reached statute of limitation as “Corrupt Hillary” has an awry track record of embellishing and lying, I personally don’t buy her general claim of “I didn’t know, whoops!”


It seems like they just want to keep these documents hidden. The problem here? In the DNC leak, confirmation of public knowledge reinforces all information in the Archives regarding this trial be released. However, all documents were not transferred to the Archives, exposing the hole in the system and how ‘the system’ favors Hillary Clinton.

I find it odd that the drafts of indictment finally surfaced after the statute of limitations had been completed. I also find it strange that nine of her colleagues were charged and found guilty, yet Mrs. Clinton was not. I guess having your husband as the president of the United States has its pros and having the current President in your pocket also has its perks.

Everything is hunky-dory when the government is there to cover your scandals up.

Everything is hunky-dory when the government is there to cover your scandals up.

More and more information has been unearthed and this can no longer be deemed a “conspiracy theory.” The worst thing you can do is dismiss someone as crazy simply because you do not understand. What we are left with is a slew of character flaws in Mrs. Clinton which are LEGALLY documented over the past thirty some-odd years providing fact that she is unfit to be president.

Additionally, “The Madison owner, James B. McDougal, was a business partner of the Clintons in the Whitewater land investment deal in the Ozarks. Madison failed in 1989, in the midst of the nationwide savings and loan scandal, at a cost to taxpayers of $60 million” as quoted by NY Times. This is just a fraction of the true amount of taxpayers’ money stolen and wasted away by the Clinton administration.

The Wikileaks development pertains to these important issues and why the government favors Hillary Clinton. When she stood trial as the only First-Lady to ever be “subpoenaed before a grand jury and required to testify under oath.”


Does our United States government work for us, it's American citizens, or for corrupt powerhouses like Hillary Clinton?

Does our United States government work for us, it’s American citizens, or for corrupt powerhouses like Hillary Clinton?

He was granted his wish and they shook hands and went into court after a quick break, the man found to be smiling ear to ear during recess, carrying her book as some kind of trophy. This is an individual that is supposed to objectively judge Hillary Clinton.

Does this seem like unbiased behavior?

I realize 1996 is twenty years ago, but this goes to challenge Mrs. Clintons credibility and flaws of character from that point up until now, nearly thirty years of treason.

Hillary Clinton is a liar and will say and do anything she can to get elected as president. Don’t take anymore of her lies.