PUBLISHED: 11:02 PM 3 Mar 2017

George Soros Behind Push For AG Sessions’ Removal From Trump’s Inner Circle


George Soros is one of those behind the push to bring down Sessions.

When Flynn neglected to properly inform Vice President Pence about his talking to Russia, many put it down to a bad call made by a good man and did not think much more about it. A warning sign was shown by the left and the Democrats and almost everyone in America missed it completely. The sign was that many Democrats were condemning Flynn for having spoken to Russia at all. This is a very big deal because as Donald Trump has said, Flynn’s VERY JOB was to talk to Russia. His error, the reason for Flynn’s firing, is because he did not tell Pence about the talk, not that he had the talk.

Yesterday it was postulated that the same was happening with Jeff Sessions. Sessions, to sum, was asked if he had any contact with Russia within the context of leaks, elections, Clinton, etc. He said that he had not. However, as part of his job within his Committee, he spoke to a large number of nations on a regular basis, including Russia. The left knew this full and well, they simply are trying to twist the words to imply that Sessions had said that he NEVER spoke to Russia, something that would have been impossible and was publicly not so. This was never implied by Sessions, who did recuse himself of this baseless hack witch-hunt against Trump, and we deduced that this was not about Sessions, but about destroying Trump’s choicest men.


Somehow this quote from Napoleon rings true today, as Soros finances more and more protests.

Well, as the smell of brimstone would suggest, George Soros has been proven to be one of the forces behind the wanted downfall of Jeff Sessions. Sessions is no pure darling, being in favor of such anti-Fourth Amendment practices as asset forfeiture, but he is being railroaded here for simply doing his job, which was the false accusation hurled at Flynn. Breitbart has learned that George Soros is handing out money like business cards to anyone who is interested in working towards ruining Donald Trump.

George Soros was found to have funded, who are made up of progressives and leftists, and who were outside of the U.S. State Department on Thursday. Many, who would never have known about any protest if not for Soros’ anti-American funds, were calling for Jeff Sessions to leave his post and to quit even though they have no idea that it was his job to speak to Russia. They would rather see the United States just stop talking to Russia, even though Sessions was in office during Obama and worked with Russia then, it can be reasoned, while doing the same job. Just how the protesters, likely clueless to these facts, would like America to run if we don’t talk to another nuclear superpower is never addressed.


For the act of doing what his job title entails, some are asking Sessions to step down.

Sessions has long said that when talking with Russia, “conversations did not concern the 2016 presidential campaign,” which he worked for, having been one of Trump’s first allies., who, with Soros’ money, managed to arrange a full protest within hours of the Sessions rumor (anyone think that Soros didn’t know or plan this way in advance? Anyone?) and even start a petition to remove him called “Sessions must go; special prosecutor must be appointed now.” It can be guessed that when done, far more people would have signed the petition to have George Soros deported than to have Jeff Sessions resign.

So far, 158,000 misguided people want Sessions to do just that, wanting to see him fired for nothing more than doing his job. The petition claims that “to know that our top leaders aren’t compromised by a foreign power,” Sessions must go, but again, this makes no sense. How can Sessions talking to Russia during the course of the job that he was hired to do be considered a compromise? None of this adds up, or at least it didn’t, until the hidden hand of Soros is seen gloved and passing out one hundred dollar bills again. Once that is known, then one knows right off the bat that it is not about making any sense, it is about ruining Trump’s team of experts who will work as Trump needs them to in order make America great again.


Jeff Sessions is an important team member in Trump’s corner, which is the ONLY reason that the left wants him removed from his post.

George Soros was even found by Breitbart to be handing out anti-Trump talking points, things that are less factual than the entire fiction department of the local library. Soros is hoping to get his distorted view of a socialist America from a half tangible dream, like it is now, to the full blown Marxist empire that Soros envisions as we merge to a one world government. It is open knowledge that Soros supports such things, as he has said in his own words on many occasions. He is hoping to see the talking points mentioned at town halls, which is one of the reasons that so few members of Congress are holding them during the coming Congressional break.

While no amount of Soros money justifies not talking to the people who elected them to office, members of Congress are not facing many actual constituents, but more often than not, paid leftwing shills funded by Georgie boy. The only way to combat this particular problem is to make sure that when these town halls are announced, be they online or in person, Constitutionalists need to show up and speak up. This can overcome any amount of Soros money before his phone rings with asking for more money as long as everyone cares about liberty really does it. Soros can be beaten, we saw this clearly on election night last November.


The nations TOP COP in the land has landed in some hot water by a Soros funded movement to bring him down without good cause.

Meanwhile, everyone needs to keep an eye on these huge protests that crop up from out of nowhere. How is it that local artists, bands, painters, etc. have to plan for months and months in advance to get even a few people to show up, yet these protests spring up with full, coordinated instructions in less than two hours?

Even large music artists who sell out arenas typically need some preparation to sell tickets, and yet so many of these groups are ready with signs before the news anchor is done talking? Could it be that Soros is funding them, which we know, but that he is also causing things like Sessions and Flynn failing? Even Soros can not time how things are going to work all of the time as he does by luck, so the only other conclusion is that he is causing it or being told of it well in advance. In any event, there seems to be no better time to sign that petition – the one for Soros, not Sessions.