PUBLISHED: 8:49 PM 8 Feb 2017

BREAKING: Florida University Scandal To Launch ‘Assaults’ Against Conservative Students Revealed


The Univerity of Central Florida allows the “Knights of Socialism” to spread hatred and lies about violence.

When the American left and Democratic communists/socialists quote half-coherent words from books like “Roots for Radicals,” it is always them talking about how non-violent they are. The warm and caring communists we are told, even if we don’t agree with their politics, are going to use the tools of ridicule, division, and even threat as laid out by “great” minds like Sal Alinsky, but not force or violence.

We were being fed this lie when Democrats and socialists were attacking Trump supporters and trying to blame those same supporters, as well as how the violent left attacked innocents at the Milo event in Berkley, California.

Well now we are seeing just how deep and well established the hatred and violence go as we witness real life fight clubs cropping up on college campus’ that seem to be openly training leftists how to fight Trump supporters and fascists, two groups of people that have nothing in common except for the right to be left alone unless they harm another or break a law.

Campus Reform has just released an insightful article showing that the “Knights for Socialism” at the University of Central Florida are instructing communists and teaching the suspects on the Democratic left how to “bash the fash” in a self-defense group that is only closed to Republicans.


This is the kind of hate and disunity that is being given out by the “Knights of Socialism” and their vile and racist “fight club.”

They cite “hate crimes” that have happened against people of color and so on but never address the acts of polar bear hunting and violent crimes by racist hate groups such as Black Lives Matter or the George Soros-funded Antifa, who shoot (sometimes themselves) people in the streets. “Knights of Socialism” never mention that leftist groups not only target whites based only upon their color skin or their supposed political leanings instead of personal merit, yet it is far more frequent.  Blacks are 56% more likely to attack a white person than the other way around, so perhaps minorities do not need fight training since they seem to be holding their own quite nicely.

Now before anyone breaks out the cheap beer and cowboy hats, we don’t need “white fight” clubs as the answer, either. People in America would be wise to both go to a reputable martial arts school TOGETHER and learn defense while talking about how our own government is dividing us all along racial lines in order to conquer and destroy us.

Unfortunately for America, that is not what is happening because that would actually solve something. Instead, we are seeing putrid actions from socialists with degenerated spirits who hang flyer descriptions that say that the classes are “to help the socialist students better protect themselves from potential hate crimes performed by those sympathetic to ‘Donald Trump and other Alt-Right Neo-Nazis.'”


George Soros has backed groups that beat innocent men and woman on a college campus in Berkley.

This not so clever nor original tactic works to put in the mind of the reader that “Trump” and “NAZI” mean the same thing, which harkens back to the “Roots for Radicals” deception nonsense mentioned prior. It is like saying, “to help protect you from from Democrats and child pedophiles” if someone were to imply such a thing that slanders a group of innocent people by inserting their name or “class” into another hated class of which they have NO relationship, but are hated. Those who make up the vast majority of Trump supporters, and Trump himself, have no more ties to anything akin to the NAZI’s than the vast majority of communists and Democrats do to child molesters or NAZI’s themselves.

The group also says that women should come and learn to fight because rapes are expected to climb now that Trump is in office. Again, that is no different than saying that those who support Trump should learn to fight in groups where Democrats can’t go because now that Clinton lost the violent Black Lives Matter is going to start raping white women for revenge. Such a statement would simply be to paint with too large of a brush. The “Knights of Socialism” are using lies to paint a picture that Trump supporters are in a group of hateful people to which they have no resemblance or similarity except in the minds of fake media.


Just as the Gestapo used arson and violence, so the socialist students at Berkley employed the same tactics. The school did nothing to stop it.

“Ladies: The Commander in thief is a sexual predator and rapist,” says the description from a group who’s winning candidate threatened women who her husband William Jefferson Clinton raped, “He has normalized sexual assault and it is expected that sexual violence against women is going to skyrocket in the next 12 months. Please join us! There will be other women there for you to spar against!” The words emboldened (by the author) are of particular humor since any real self-defense or martial arts school of any merit whatsoever teaches woman to fight other MEN, since that tends to be more likely. Not only will they be fed communist propaganda, but they will be getting subpar fight training, too. In a left world where everyone gets a prize and a trophy, what more can be expected?

“This event is open to everyone and anyone, EXCEPT REPUBLICANS,” says the hate groups Facebook page. This is not meant to sound anything like Hitler’s “NAZI Youth” groups which were closed to all non-members of the NAZI Party at all. These are not communists like most of America thinks of them with their daisy flowers and dreadlocks; this is the kind of socialism/communism that is what the NAZI’s used to attack, beat, and destroy those who did not kiss their jackboot. The “Z” in “NAZI” means “socialism” in German, remember. Hitler hated Russian communism because it was not controlled fully enough by the state (which is saying a LOT under Stalin), not because it was communistic. Hitler was a socialist communist, independent of his foul hatred for races. Donald J. Trump is not.

What this means is that groups like “Antifa” and the “Knights of Socialism” are acting in every way exactly like the NAZI’s acted only they are not fascist. They are not killing anyone because of their race for no reason like Hitler was, they are instead killing people because of their beliefs. They are lying about those beliefs too, trying to make it sound like Trump supporters are the ones acting like NAZI thugs. That too is just a page from the same Commie’ playbook. Sadly for a nation that has stopped reading or minding history, the words seem only too “new” for far, far too many.