PUBLISHED: 10:37 PM 8 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 1:40 AM 9 Oct 2016

BREAKING: First Wave Of Emails Shows EXACTLY How Hillary Is Going To Take Them


See Below For Transcript

Note: None of the following is hearsay or an opinion. Anyone who is curious about the validity of these claims is free to read the transcripts on their own.

First, it’s necessary to understand why Hillary is so vehemently opposed to guns. The Clintons and their ilk have been rich politicians and CEOs that have never produced a product or actually worked a day in their lives. They don’t see things in terms of me and you, they see things in terms of them, and everyone else. A few people die here or there, no big deal to them it seems, so long as she can make a dent somewhere every once in a while, to work towards their warped version of the greater good.

The greater good involves taking away from the millions of people in America their right to bear arms, to protect themselves, and to fight against a tyrannical government if ever need be. That doesn’t sound good, that sounds like a deadly virtue signal which has and will continue to spread doom. In private she tells donors how she plans to take guns away from people. To them, they truly do feel safe. They truly do think that they’re doing something good because they can only see things in terms of raw numbers, not individuals with names, families, and loved ones.

But can we see this in action? Can we physically watch someone outright say they are lying to the public in order to further their illegal, destructive, and deadly narrative? Yes, we certainly can. The following video depicts Mary Bayer, a delegate for Hillary Clinton. She breaks down the exact process used to lie to the public to further private interests.

“You gotta say that you want common sense gun legislation,” Mary Bayer says. “Hillary Clinton doesn’t take any positions,” publicly, “that are too extreme. You have to take that sort of moderate, ‘we want common sense legislation,’ you say sh**t like that, and people buy into it.”

Does that video seem like a conspiracy to you? Does any of this seem like it’s overblown or too much? This is happening, they have outright said it. They think it’s hilarious that the citizens fall for it.

Barack Obama used executive order to strip gun manufacturers of several rights by bogging them down with regulation, but that’s nothing compared to what Hillary wants to do. The leaked transcripts show the she told Goldman Sachs executives and employees that “at the top of [the] to-do list” will be going even further than Obama, by “using executive order” to make a wide range of gun rights away in several different ways. A leaked transcript revealed that On August 8th, 2014 Hillary said that some Americans don’t “deserve to have guns.”

“You need both a public position and a private position,” the leaked transcript shows the former Secretary of State saying, to prevent people from getting “a little nervous, to say the least.” That’s true, Mrs. Clinton. That’s exactly right. The American people, or at least those who respect the Constitution, get really nervous when you say one thing to the public and another to push the interests of the richest people in the country.

In these leaked speeches, she told donors which countries were about to be destroyed and which ones would make a good place to invest in. Hillary went on to say a whole lot about Benghazi as well. In fact, the transcripts of her speeches to donors are so numerous that it would take hundreds of people to write about every single one of them. They’re hard at work as we speak, all over the country. But we’ll focus on just how she plans to take away guns, and why Hillary thinks you’re the most gullible person on Earth.

Hillary Clinton has released her now-famous line “you need both a public position and a public position.” With the leaks that just released last night, we know what nearly all of those private positions are. She somehow managed to make them even worse than what President Barack Obama has done. On January 5th, Barack Obama used executive order to expand background checks to gun shows and online, and used taxpayer dollars to develop “smart guns,” and to put a gun ban in place for Social Security beneficiaries.


Another Leak

“Shall not be infringed,” is as clear as it gets.

These new transcripts and leaks have proved, finally, what millions of Americans supposed was going on behind the scenes. But conservatives and republicans knew this was coming, and thus this is more of an I-told-you-so moment. However, those liberals and moderates who don’t believe a word of what those conservatives have claimed in the past have no choice but to believe them now.

Because there’s no leap of faith involved. These are facts. Recorded, documented, publicly released facts that anyone is free to look at. This kind of information isn’t meant for the I-told-you-so crowd, it’s meant for those people who refuse to open their eyes and see what’s going on right in front of them; to open their ears and listen to the truth through the lies.

It’s all laid out right in front of you, show them. Let them see this, let them know that you were right, and bring them over to the right side of history, and the right side of this election cycle.