PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM 28 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 4:30 PM 28 Sep 2016

BREAKING: Final Wednesday FBI Hearing Just Finished, Comey Guilty of Treason


Something Big Just Happened!

FBI Director James Comey was questioned at a House Judiciary Committee hearing early this morning. The majority of the questions were directed at trying to reopen the Hillary Clinton email case (that we are all so familiar with). This was a follow up hearing to the questioning that Comey conducted after he recommended not pressing charges on Clinton earlier this year.

Even though Clinton didn’t have any charges pressed against her, some new evidence was discovered. Considering that this information is highly sensitive, members of Congress thought that they could get Comey to reopen the case and charge her.

What was the new evidence that they found? They brought up a highly-relevant Reddit post from July 2014 that many believe was submitted by Platte River Networks specialist Paul Combetta. The post in question was asking about a way to delete a “VIP” email address.

This post revolved around asking how to delete and hide Clinton’s emails from investigators! However the FBI claimed that the computer technician was not involved in a cover-up.

Comey said, “Our team concluded that what he was trying to do was when they produced emails not have the actual address but have some name or placeholder instead of the actual dot-com address in the ‘From:’ line.”


Comey Yet Again Shows That He Is Trying To Help Clinton Stay Out Of Prison

Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Republican out of Virginia, said he thought it was obviously part of a cover-up. “This clearly demonstrates an action to destroy evidence by people operating Clinton’s private server and her staff.”

The 2014 post, submitted by “Stonetear,” described “a very interesting situation where I need to strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email that I have both in a live Exchange mailbox, as well as a PST file.”

That wasn’t all though; the original poster “Stontear” had more to say. “Basically, they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone, and want to be able to either strip out or replace the email address in the to/from fields in all of the emails we want to send out.”


Comey also said that he wasn’t sure if the FBI knew about the Reddit posting when prosecutors granted Combetta immunity to gather statements about what happened during that time. But, he added that a deletion like that wouldn’t automatically be considered an attempt to destroy evidence. Comey thought he could deflect what happened with those simple statements, but the evidence points to a completely different story.

“Not necessarily… It would depend what his intention was and why he wanted to do it.” The intention is pretty clear don’t you think? He clearly states in his post that he needs to “strip” out an email address! That means that he wanted to delete the email completely! How much more evidence do you need? A man with clear technical skills went to an online community and asked for help on engaging in criminal activity.

He's Been Helping Her This Entire Time

It’s Pretty Clear What Their Intent Was!

If you need to do that, then it is pretty obvious that you are trying to destroy evidence (which is a crime all by itself). Otherwise, why would ask about it? And considering the fact that Clinton’s emails have been a source of debate throughout the entire election season, something like this furthers suspicions that she deleted evidence.

If he wasn’t destroying evidence, then what was he doing? According to Comey and the FBI, all the computer aide was attempting to do was replace Clinton’s email address. Again, why is there a need to replace Clinton’s email address unless she was trying to hide something? Furthermore, this means they knew that using a private email server was inherently insecure.

This just shows that Comey is still in with Clinton. After all, even though he said that she was “extremely careless” with the way that she handled her emails, he still didn’t charge her with anything.


This Is Just Further Evidence That Shows That Comey And Clinton Are In With Each Other

And with this new ruling, it is now confirmed that Clinton and her staff did their best to delete and destroy the evidence to hide it from investigators. The corruption that was allowed to go on is frankly sickening. At this point, the American People have seen all they need to determine that both Comey and Hillary colluded together to completely resolve her of any and all charges.

Once again, Clinton is going to get away with something that normal Americans would get the death penalty for. And yet, she got help from the FBI director himself!

This latest scheme is just one more way the American People have been abused by the current administration. Do your part to Make America Great Again, because we can’t afford to have another 4 years of lies, deceit, corruption, and hatred.