PUBLISHED: 4:58 PM 7 Nov 2016

BREAKING: Federal Agents Just Confirmed Hillary Killed Vince Foster After Their Affair

Is This The Missing Clue?

Is This The Missing Clue?

Is This The Missing Clue?

The Clintons are the most vile, disgusting, and corrupt family to ever hold political office. Major revelations disseminated by WikiLeaks have allowed millions of people to see that Hillary and Bill have been far more corrupt than we ever have imagined.

Just one day before the election, we can see that Hillary Clinton is wounded while Donald Trump is gaining strength.

WikiLeaks has been on a nonstop campaign to release as much information as they can before the election on Tuesday, including a bombshell email chain indicating that top federal intelligence agents admitted that Hillary Clinton killed Vince Foster and Ron Brown.


Intelligence agents are discussing how Hillary Clinton not only killed Vince Foster, but possibly Ron Brown, too.

Hillary Clinton was having an affair with longtime ally and lawyer Vince Foster.

Jeff Rovin, long-time Clinton “fixer,” was forced to help scrub Foster’s office after his death. After he was forced to help scrub it clean, he was then ordered by Hillary to “distract the media” while the Clinton team rummaged through Foster’s office to remove all damaging evidence.

On top of that, Rovin indicated that Hillary hired Jerry Parks, an Arkansas investigator, to spy on Bill. Hillary wanted Bill’s “sluts” to be quiet and keep their mouth shut so that their political careers could not be damaged.

Two months after Vince Foster was found murdered, Parks was found shot nine times at a stoplight in his SUV in Little Rock, Arkansas. Rovin said, “Parks had to die because he knew everything.”

Do We Have Proof Hillary Had Him Murdered?

Do We Have Proof Hillary Had Him Murdered?

Many have forgotten about Ron Brown, sadly.

Brown was the Commerce Secretary for the Clinton administration. In a November 14th, 1996 report from CNN, it was revealed that Brown was under investigation for corruption shortly before his death aboard U.S. Air Force CT-43, which crashed in Croatia, killing all the passengers.

Brown was the only individual on the plane of 35 to sustain a “serious head contusion.” The White House refused to run an autopsy on his body, and he was reported to have had a bullet hole in the back of his head at the scene of the crash.

Following his death, the corruption probe was closed, and all governmental evidence of the case went “missing.” Hillary Clinton ruins everything she puts her hands on; literally.

When WikiLeaks released these files late Sunday evening, Twitter immediately began experiencing “outages.” WikiLeaks also reported that their servers were being targeted in order to suppress the evidence from being spread.

While WikiLeaks did release thousands of emails pertaining to the DNC and Hillary Clinton Sunday evening, they chose this email chain as the main one they marketed on their social media pages.

Why would intelligence agents joke about Hillary Clinton having two people killed? They were joking because they know she got away with it, and they couldn’t believe it.

The government is no longer going to hold Hillary Clinton accountable, that has been proven for more than 30 years.

Only the American people can end Hillary Clinton and her destruction of this great Nation.

We have been given an opportunity to overthrow our corrupt leaders and drain all of the corruption from our government. We cannot afford four years of Hillary Clinton, or eight, for that matter. We cannot survive her dictatorship.

On Tuesday, vote like your life depends on it, because it truly does.