PUBLISHED: 10:19 PM 9 Jan 2017

BREAKING: FBI Forced To Release New Clinton Documents, Investigation Proceedings Now PUBLIC

She's going down!

She's going down!

She’s going down!

WikiLeaks single handedly dismantled Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by exposing her for the hundreds of crimes she committed while acting on behalf of the United States government. The leaks ruined her career, life, and reputation, which is exactly what she deserved.

Now that Hillary has withered away, many have wondered if WikiLeaks is done exposing her or will they continue to attack full force. If you are hoping to see her in an orange jumpsuit and held accountable for her actions, then you are about to have your wish granted.

Wikileaks announced that the FBI has quietly released a fifth set of documents in its Hillary Clinton investigation, and they are still trying to make crucial pieces of evidence disappear.

The new release by the FBI is a 299 page report on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server. These documents have been made public as a result of another FOIA request by Judicial Watch.

So far, we see dozens of cases where classified information was carelessly emailed between Clinton and her ignorant cronies.


Also found is a passage that says, “Due to the extremely sensitive nature of this investigation and the damage its disclosure could cause the case will be designated as a prohibited investigation in accordance with the counterintelligence policy implementation guide.” The document also states “the author request Assistant Director concurrence to maintain the identified case as prohibited.”


Reread the red box above. It is revealed that the initial FBI investigation was never set up to be investigated – which proves that this was nothing more than a fake investigation that ultimately failed because of the public demanded real accountability following Wikileaks, the DNCLeaks, DNCLEAKS2, and John Podesta’s emails.

Now this investigation goes one step further than Clinton’s email server. It show that the Clinton Foundation is being investigated for fraud, embezzlement, and other illegal practices. This releases also exposes FBI Director James Comey, who said that, “there had to be evidence that Mrs. Clinton intentionally transmitted or willfully mishandled classified information. The F.B.I. found neither, and as a result, he said, “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

The report later goes onto say, “USIC (U.S. Intelligence Community) determined that 81-email chains and an additional 2,000 emails contained classified information, 68 of which remain classified to this day.”

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This FBI documentation also tells us that they are actively investigating Hillary for her ties to terrorism given her cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia. The FBI’s counterterrorism division is involved with the funding she received from the Saudi’s in exchange for all of the massive weapons deals she sold to them.


Page 213 exposes that the FBI requested 912 different email addresses that were sought in the investigation trying to identify recipients.


Let’s take a deep breathe. President Trump not showing his hand is very revealing. He has not commented on Hillary, her foundation, or any of her corruption in a few months, which means a sneak attack is possibly coming soon.

Obama does not appear to be considering offering a pardon to her (which would be a safety precaution to avoid any crimes at all she has committed), so Trump’s administration has enough fire power to put her in prison for the rest of her life.

Wouldn’t that be a great day for Americans to see Hillary Clinton being arrested?