PUBLISHED: 5:40 PM 29 Jul 2016
UPDATED: 6:02 PM 29 Jul 2016

BREAKING: Evidence Clinton Foundation “Paid Off” Voting Machine Companies, STOLE PRIMARY


Bill and Hillary After Their Newest “Donation”

With all of the corruption and lying going on this election series, even one piece of truthful information can drastically change the course of things. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at how the DNC and RNC both went.

At the RNC and the DNC many, many pieces of evidence came out against Hillary. Every single piece of info leaked was factually confirmed. Just those bits of cold, hard truths were enough to completely alter the current political landscape. Before the conventions, Hillary was “in the clear.” Now it looks like she may not be able to recover.

But, this all makes perfect sense. Any reasonable person bases their decisions on facts and evidence. And, well, now people have a lot of reasons NOT to vote for Hillary.

Yet, it’s going to take more than that for our team to win the election. We all know the liar and cheat that Hillary is; she is bound to try more shaky behaviors before Election Day is over. We need to continue to hit her HARD with every piece of evidence we can.

We're Going To Make Her Pay For Her Crimes

We’re Going To Make Her Pay For Her Crimes

Elliot Crown from New York has been a long-time supporter of Trump and a reader of Conservative Daily Post and Conservative Daily Review for almost as long. According to him, “thing just aren’t the way they used to be, and we need to change that.” When we asked him to clarify what he meant, he pointed to the fact that “crime rates are souring from illegal immigrants, ISIS is running wild, and we have an incompetent President who has done nothing and will continue to do nothing.”

While many might think Mr. Crown is “extreme,” we actually agree 100%. We are tired of seeing this country be destroyed by those on the left who exploit all of us to grow their pockets.

Elliot isn’t just a talker though. He gave us permission to reveal his true identity and told us to mention that he is a Silent Majority Patriot. The group that calls themselves the “Silent Majority Patriots” (SMP) is a grassroots movement and possibly the first of its kind. It’s main goal is uniting and empowering the majority that has remained suppressed for too long.

After Elliot got involved in his local SMP chapter and area, he saw a HUGE opportunity to cause damage to Hillary and her crooked tactics. At an SMP meetup to call out some of Hillary’s corruption, he pointed out an issue with how votes are being counted. Here’s the video:

If she is allowed to manipulate the numbers in these ways on Election Day, there’s no way Trump can win. It’s literally impossible to beat someone like Hillary if she keeps this level of voter fraud going.

But that’s not the end of the story. Shortly after this video was heavily circulated on the internet, Elliot went to “The Bern Report” and made an official statement and report. Using data collection tools and some math, they were able to see just how bad Hillary manipulated the Primary results:


Chat Showing Clear Voting Fraud

When Elliot came to us and asked us to do this story, we knew there had to be more to it. We put our best writers and editors on the case and were able to come up with some more shocking information.

We found out that a study was just released coming from Stanford’s laboratories. While it would have been hard to prove anything directly done to harm Trump, or help Hillary, it was VERY easy for Hillary to manipulate her own party.

That’s the key. If Hillary would have tried voting fraud in such a way that it effected Trump, she would have been toast. Instead she used a much more “secret” tactic of only doing it within her own party. In this way she was able to surge past Bernie Sanders even though it was CLEAR at the DNC that his supporters were the strongest and most numbered people there.

In essence, Hillary used voting machines that are made by companies her own organization funds. Yes, you read that correctly. Hillary Clinton only used voting machines that she could DIRECTLY control.

Furthermore, these machines are “private property” according to the Clinton Foundation, which means they can’t be examined or tested by the Republican Party.

While this story is still developing, it’s clear at this point that the Clintons have already engaged in SERIOUS voter crimes. When it comes to our legal system, the only thing holding Democracy together is the voting system. She could literally ruin our entire country if she gets away with this.

However, we aren’t going to let that happen! Thanks to Elliot and his SMP chapter, he was able to go before the public in his area and let it be known that Hillary is actively cheating. As you could see from the video, it’s obvious Elliot has helped to make a dent in his city.


Elliot Is A True American

We need more people like Elliot around. We need more people who will FINALLY stand up in their communities and make noise. For too long have Conservatives been the “quiet party.” We have allowed entitled Democrats to run their mouths, and it got us Obama. We don’t want them to win over us again. The reason why they won last time is because we were complacent.

Elliot is a relatively new member to the Silent Majority Patriots, but he is already helping to do great things for our nation and country. When you get down to it, it doesn’t take money or fame or anything else to make a true difference in how this country is being ran. All you really need is a huge group to support you, and that’s EXACTLY what Silent Majority Patriots is.

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P.S. If you are interested to learn more about the movement Silent Majority Patriots, Click Here.