PUBLISHED: 7:27 PM 13 Jan 2017

BREAKING: EPA Now Using Obama’s U.N. To Push And Enact GLOBAL Tax On ALL Private Cars


Fiat Chrysler is facing charges of manipulative data to hide emissions from the EPA, but the EPA is the very definition of government over reach.

The dreadful news today that the EPA is using the disproven lie of global warming lunacy to push unobtainable and counter-effective emissions standards upon Fiat Chrysler is further proof that America elected the last hope that our nation had.

Had Clinton won, we would be listening to her shrilling voice as she explains to use that man is warming the planet. Thankfully, Fiat Chrysler (FC) has denied the claims and is waiting for the incoming Trump administration to settle the matter officially. After all, they are accused of using software to hide many emissions from an over intrusive EPA.

There are so many problems apart from the already heavily mocked lie of global warming that are in play here that, for a moment, we will not address that particular elephant in the room. Let us understand that what the EPA (of which Ron Paul wisely warned should be abolished and gotten rid of long ago) is trying to do here.

To comply,  FC would have to spend MORE money to produce a diesel engine that is LESS effective, and that uses MORE fuel. Now stop, put the coffee down, shut off the TV, and reread that. To stop the emissions from harming the Earth, the EPA wants FC to produce an engine that can meet their emission standards, even if that means using more fuel, which they say harms the Earth via drilling!

Just trying to absorb that as a theory is enough to make one’s eyes crossed.


The American workforce is burdened greatly by the unobtainable demands of the EPA.

What is even worse is that the government is wanting FC to remedy the cars that have been sold. This would mean spending billions drilling, post fitting, installing new systems into units already sold, and losing a fortune just so that the imaginary global warming monster underneath the bed does not come out.

The urea refills for these vehicles are also becoming cumbersome under the stringent and unproductively minded EPA. There is a reason that Paul and others had so strongly suggested eliminating these agencies because they are counter to economic growth. The EPA should be run by the states, not the federal government because the government doesn’t know the needs of each state.

That is not in any way to suggest that clean water, air, and land is not vital. Certainly, we can not have major companies just spewing whatever toxins they like wherever they like. Likewise, exhaust fumes cause lung cancer, heart issues, and many other medical woes. The answer to this is better filtering systems, but to force upon an industry such sweeping changes with no way to implement them is to shut down the auto industry.

This would be seen as one way to make life healthier except that like in most matters, liberals are not consistent. If it was just a matter of cars becoming more expensive, in time that would meter itself out just based upon the law of the market. Liberals though would keep allowing other nations that do not reach such standards, or that reach such standards due to slave labor to dump untold numbers of cars into the USA.


Sun activity, natural planetary fluxes that have been seen in all of Earth’s history, and volcanic activity change the climate….NOT MAN.

The other major takeaway from all of this is the fact that this is based upon something much more sinister than raising money via a warming hoax. This move by the EPA is about shutting down private car and vehicle ownership in the USA, as well as limiting where and how we drive by making it cost too much to drive.

If this sounds like too much of a conspiracy theory, it should be noted that these are not our words, but the words of those in the United Nations that penned Agenda 21. The UN has a number of sinister ways in which it plans to make such travel all but impossible, not the least of which we are seeing today with Fiat Chrysler.

The global warming silliness is one clear way, as is using the analogy of England. Let us imagine that in England, gas is twice as high as in the USA. Let us remember that England is far smaller than America, so what seems like a “reasonable” tax to the average liberal is really a massive tax that would shut down the U.S.A. due to the cost of transport. While some may say, “OK, then America is too big, divide it up like Israel,” it should be remembered that America feeds the world.

Many have said that one of the reasons that Russia never bombed America during the Cold War was because the amount of food that America exports, if stopped, would kill millions – if not billions – by starvation.


Global warming shysters like Al Gore stand to make a fortune from things like the United Nation’s vile Agenda 21.

The goal of the ghoulish UN is to enact a tax on private vehicles. We already have imposed upon us a tax on the gasoline. Libertarians were noticed in large part and saw their upsurge in interest soar (before Gary Johnson ruined it) when many of that mindset said that America would see a huge lessening of burden if government would suspend the tax upon fuel.

Thankfully, many great minds like Justin Amash and Rand Paul also shared that cry for freedom, which in a round about way lead to the fair minded market views of Donald Trump. America is ready for Trump, as show by the fact that when the new of what FC is accused of hit the papers, stocks went UP.

Therefore it is not a surprise that FC is waiting for Donald Trump to enter the office before they settle this matter. Trump will understand the facts regarding business and progress. Trump has a history of making things that were good even better, so no one should be too surprised if better filters are something that Trump does want to see happen.


Cleaning the industry to limit things like lung cancer must be achieved while not shutting down the whole economy. Trump will aim to do just that.

One thing that Trump will NOT do is make the burden too heavy and the yoke so large that we undercut our own automotive industry that we are trying to save. It is also reasonable to suggest that, while he has never said this outright, that if America has to make a change in something expensive, then so shall every other nation that is going to sell vehicles here.

That would be a good deal, even if it did ruffle a few feathers on both sides. This is why the people elected Trump, so more power to Fiat Chrysler for waiting on him to end this legal issue.

Otherwise, they may as well just give the whole industry over to China.