PUBLISHED: 9:53 PM 16 Dec 2016
UPDATED: 9:54 PM 16 Dec 2016

BREAKING: Director Of WikiLeaks Just Found Dead, Cause “Undetermined”

Is Clinton Behind This?

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Many people do not realize what Julian Assange has given up in order to expose the truth. He has lived in a very small Embassy for many years where his only companion is a small cat. He is rarely allowed guests, and lives in a heightened sense of fear given that he is afraid of assassination.

Assange has given up nearly all of his freedom to expose government corruption, and he has had more of an impact than he could ever have imagined. His document and email releases have exposed the highest members of our government, and it has sent the Clinton campaign into a spiraling frenzy.

Two months ago, Julian Assange’s lawyer was mysteriously “killed” late one evening when he stepped in front of a train “on accident” at 3am in London.

The incident reportedly made Assange fear for his life much more than he already did. Following this attack, a night prowler tried to hop the wall and get inside Assange’s Embassy late one evening, but authorities were able to scare him off before he made it inside.

Now it is being reported that WikiLeaks director and founder of the Center for Investigative Journalism, Gavin MacFadyen, has died at age 76.

As one can imagine, the cause of death has yet to be revealed, but this feels awfully suspicious that everyone closely associated with Julian Assange has died within the last couple of months.