PUBLISHED: 5:36 PM 20 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Creepy Joe Biden Caught Groping Young Girls On Camera

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

Not many people hear about Joe Biden as Vice President of the United States. Apparently, he grabs more attention during a single photo-op than he does representing our nation.

At a recent swear in, InfoWars has uncovered some creepy behavior from our VP. Watch in both disgust and horror as he gropes and fondles young women and girls with parents present!

Its astonishing to see how uncomfortable he is making some of these young girls feel, whispering in each one’s ear and brushing their hair to the side. Joe Biden lashed out against Trump, delivering the message that being a celebrity doesn’t give you the right to sexual assault, yet here he is, using his celebrity status to grope girls as young as thirteen.

This is not the first time Biden has been caught on camera feeling up young girls and women. Below is a video of Creepy Uncle Joe groping another adolescent and giving another one, who pulls away, a kiss on the forehead.

Absolutely disgusting, yet the liberal media remains silent. They refuse to show any of these clips or videos because they are focused on what Trump said eleven years ago.

Joe Biden does not have any room to talk when it comes to pointing out flaws in other people, especially ones that include social status. Sure, being in front of the camera means you have to be friendly and hospitable, but Biden takes this one step too far and makes young girls uncomfortable.

This goes to show how people can be mesmerized by a person’s celebrity status and how people with that status can abuse it. Trump has had decades upon decades in the spotlight and has kept his composure during most of that time. Every once in a while, he makes an unsightly comment and although there are no excuses for the things Trump has said, there’s just no words to describe how utterly disgusting Joe Biden’s actions are.

“I don’t ever remember that kinda locker room talk, never. You might have a guy say, ‘Boy, look at that,’ or make some comments like that. But the idea that ‘she lets me do anything because I’m a celebrity,’ is just sick. And what’s– what’s wrong is, we have to change the whole culture here and that no man has a right to touch a woman, to raise a hand to a woman, to abuse a woman for any reason.” Joe Biden says to Chuck Todd of Meet the Press.

Trump tells the truth– he doesn’t fake who he is and he doesn’t act like a creep. There have been no videos of him actually groping young women and in public whereas Joe Biden has no shame. Many of these recent allegations have been debunked as vindictive women who tried to give Donald Trump their number to sleep their way to a job, in which he kindly declined.

Joe Biden is like death that lures over young women and children, the way he smells their hair and interacts with them is just creepy. He even puts his hand around the waist of a girl no older than thirteen, she appears very unsettled by this.

Absolutely Disgusting

Absolutely Disgusting

There is plenty of video evidence of Biden feeling up young girls and women, it would be nice if the mainstream media covered this instead of bashing Trump 24/7 for allegations with no hard evidence. Saying the word “pu**y” doesn’t compare with actual video evidence of groping young girls at social events.

Michelle Obama can crucify Trump for saying something eleven years ago, but when addressing Creepy Uncle Joe, she seems to be more “rational”. According to the Washington Post, the Obamas held an intervention for the creeper in a satirical way, as to not hurt the old man’s feelings.

In a conversation reported by Washington Post, the Obama’s staged an intervention with Joe Biden. You can’t make this stuff up.

Jill shudders. “You’re right,” she says, turning to President Obama. “It’s just as bad as you said.”

“Joe,” the president says. “We’re here to talk to you. Sit down, please.”

Joe sits. The chair is still facing the wrong way. He sits in it backwards.

“Joe, we all love you,” the president continues. “More or less. We want the best for you. But lately –”

“Not just lately,” Michelle says. “Really for decades now.”

“Lately you’ve gone from America’s Wacky Uncle to America’s Creepy Uncle.”

“It’s the leaning,” Malia says.

“Yeah,” Sasha adds, immediately.

It’s not just the leaning– it’s the touching, the hands around the waist, his hands solidly placed on the shoulders, brushing of the hair, kissing of the heads and faces, the comments he makes– they downplay his inappropriate touching to protect him, but when it comes to someone they don’t like, they attack him full-fledged. This is not fair justice.

How can they make a comedy out of sexual assault? The intervention goes on with talk of how Biden is the equivalent of Dracula and a Dementor, from Harry Potter, while they show him pictures of young girls and women looking uncomfortable while he touches them.

They act like he doesn’t know any better and Michelle Obama even admits, slideshow and all, that this behavior has gone on for decades. However, they want to just “talk it out?” Favoritism expressed by the Obama administration is despicable. It’s the liberal double-standard working at its finest.

Joe Biden should be called out and disciplined for his inappropriate behavior. There is actual evidence of him groping girls and women that span over decades that the average American citizen would be put in jail and labeled a sex offender for.

But, because he is Vice President of the United States, he gets a free pass. This is unacceptable and an abuse of human rights, no adolescent or woman is safe from the grip of Joe Biden.

How are Biden’s actions swept under the rug while Trump’s words from eleven years ago are spread across every liberal news outlet?

Enough is enough.