PUBLISHED: 10:17 PM 13 Nov 2017

BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Manager & Brother Indicted As Special Counsel Takes Aim

John Podesta Gave Testimony to a bipartisan senate hearing. Not a Single Democrat was Present

John Podesta Gave Testimony to a bipartisan senate hearing. Not a Single Democrat was Present

John Podesta Gave Testimony to a bipartisan senate hearing. Not a Single Democrat was Present

There are few people more powerful in the capitol city than the Podesta Brothers. Among Washington D.C. elites these two hold a lot of sway and control. Tony Podesta was President Clinton’s former chief of staff. John Podesta was Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager.

The two brothers started a lobbying firm called the Podesta Group. The mission of this group is to raise money and argue on behalf of foreign interests. Paul Manafort was another member of the lobbying firm. As Robert Mueller’s special investigation begins to gain traction, multiple people and a couple firms are coming into the crosshairs. Paul Manafort was one of the first victims of the probe into Russian Meddling in the 2016 election.

Paul Manafort, a former Trump campaign manager, has been hit with an indictment for not filing the proper paperwork when he was lobbying for Ukraine in 2014. As a member of the Podesta Group during this time, the rest of the firm has been swept up into this ongoing investigation.

John and Tony Podesta, respectively.

John and Tony Podesta, respectively.

After the announcement that Manafort had been indicted last month, Tony Podesta stepped down as chief executive of his firm. Kimberley Fritts, has stepped down on Friday as CEO of the firm.

Kimberly has asked many of the employees of the firm to join her at a new venture she is starting. Fritts has also asked many of the clients to follow her. The current staffers of the firm have been told not to expect pay past November 15th.

John and Tony Podesta have been accused of doing the exact same crime as Paul Manafort. Lobbying on behalf of foreign interest without filing the proper paperwork is a federal crime.

As the Democratic party burns to the ground amongst the recent accusations of corruption and the allegations put forth by Donna Brazile, the Democratic National Convention may be making a sacrificial offering.

The level of corruption inside the DNC is slowly being unearthed. The party is trying to find a way to crawl back out of the grave. If the Democratic Party can distance themselves from the Clintons and Clinton supporters, there may still be a chance to bring old voters back into the fold.

Political consultant, Roger Stone, predicted weeks ago that the Podesta’s would be taken down. Another claim was made a few weeks prior that the Clintons would be removed from the Democratic Party branding.

The Russian narrative that has been constructed over the past 16 months is falling apart. Between Donna Brazile dedicating her book to the slain DNC staffer and whistleblower Seth Rich, and the revelations of the Trump Dossier made recently show an unraveling of control.

Seth Rich Celebrates Independance Day

Seth Rich Celebrates Independance Day

Brazile claims the leak of DNC emails was not a Russian hack, but a young staffer who was fighting for our election integrity.  Of the emails released by “Wikileaks,” the Podesta files show some extremely disturbing and thought provoking material.

Within the FBI file vault on Child Pornography, there are a list of code words that are widely used in the underground community. Some of these code words are found throughout many emails with Skippy’s name attached.

Cheese Pizza and Hotdogs are a couple phrases to indicate age and sex of an intended victim. Walnut Sauce and dominoes are references to skin color. A handkerchief with a road map is a subtle designation describing a small square cloth used to catch bodily fluids used as a memento.

John Podesta gave testimony in front of a bipartisan Russian investigative senate hearing. House and Senate hearing committees have recently brought to life the relationship between Fusion GPS and Obama.

As more information comes to light, the story gets more and more convoluted. New testimony reveals that Hillary’s campaign hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on Trump. Than they were hired again to meet with Don Jr. and give him opposition research against Hillary, Don Jr declined the investment.

The Obama Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, used these events to get a wiretap on President-Elect Trump. What did Obama know about the Fusion GPS transactions?  What did Obama know about Lynch’s actions?

Loretta Lynch is the same person who met with Bill Clinton on a tarmac while Hillary was under FBI investigation. This was before Lynch said she would do whatever FBI Director Comey suggests. This led to the infamous “grossly negligent and without criminal intent” description of Secretary Clinton.

These players are running scared. If we can get the Podestas, the brothers may be able to flip on other Democratic corruption. Tucker Carlson of Fox news has been issued a cease and desist for reporting the relationship between Manafort and the Podesta Group.