PUBLISHED: 7:21 PM 14 Nov 2016

BREAKING: CEO Who Plotted To Kill Trump With “Sniper Attack” Has Ties To CIA

Is This Really Happening?

Late last night Matt Harrigan, the CEO of software company “PacketSled,” plotted to assassinate President Trump with a “sniper rifle.” The incident was reported immediately by people on twitter, as any threat to President-elect Donald Trump is a serious crime.

When people on twitter advised him that what he just said was not only reckless and out of control, but unlawful, he told Secret Service to “bring it” (also another federal offense).


What’s ironic, is that the CEO lives in a predominantly white area of the country (Del Mar California), takes an enormous salary ($5,000,000 + bonuses), and drives expensive luxury cars. Yet, the man claims that Donald Trump is out of touch and doesn’t understand migrants or illegals. Clearly something must have short-circuited inside of his pea-size brain.

After his outrageous comments, he made a blog post on PacketSled’s company website, saying the comments were simply a joke, and not to be taken seriously. Clearly, it’s just another classic example of an over-entitled, whiny liberal who thinks that life is a candyland with no consequences for one’s actions.


WRONG. His company completely ignored his bogus “apology” and replaced his blog post with an official statement.


The largest issue with what happened is that just 2 weeks ago Matt Harrigan was seen in a meeting with Jim Woolsey, the former head of the CIA. Try to convince me the two aren’t friends (hint: you can’t because he publicly posted the meeting to his Facebook page; never put it past a liberal to do something dumber than they did the day before).


Here you have a man with millions of dollars and connections to not just CIA agents, but the former HEAD of the CIA. If you don’t smell foul play, you’re probably an uneducated liberal, or maybe one of the countless Washington insiders Matt panders to.

Currently, Matt has been placed on “administrative leave.” This isn’t good enough—he threatened to kill the President and any Secret Service that got in his way.

We are calling for PacketSled to immediately fire Mr. Harrigan. Please help us share this to spread the word so that we can force Twitter, Facebook, and PacketSled from banning Harrigan from ever doing business in our country again.