PUBLISHED: 9:25 PM 10 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 2:35 PM 21 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Bill Finally Caught Red-Handed After YEARS, He’s TOAST

Sick Bill Knows He Has Been Exposed

Sick Bill Knows He Has Been Exposed

Sick Bill Knows He Has Been Exposed

Last night, October 10th, Donald Trump served and represented the Conservative party well during the second presidential debate. Friday, October 7th, a tape of Trump saying some unfavorable things magically surfaced before the big date was scheduled to air live.

However, Trump didn’t let this phase him. He was confident, dominant, and displayed every quality a noble leader should when he was on stage against Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Knows She Is In Trouble

He clearly mopped the floor with crooked Hillary, despite what CNN reports.

Hillary Clinton said, “You know, it is uh, it’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.” Donald J. Trump nonchalantly replied, “Because you’d be in jail.”

The crowd roared.

We all know Trump is not the most politically correct individual and he thrives on speaking his mind. This is the reason he is favorable among many Republicans and appealing to undecided voters. However, the tape of Trump hitting on a married woman from eleven years ago made many Republicans worry Trump would retaliate against Clinton for campaigning against him, calling him a misogynistic, egotistic man.

But, something happened shortly after the old tape was released, something that has never happened before– Donald Trump apologized for what he has said.

In a statement made by Trump himself, “The Donald” can be seen taking responsibility for his words. He owned up to something poor he said over a decade ago, humbling himself in the process, reminding us all that his adventures during this presidential campaign have helped him grow as a person.

Working closely with blue-collared employees and listening to their grievances has helped him become a better man. You can see the sincerity but ferocity in Donald Trump’s eyes as he realizes what he has said years ago is wrong yet there is nothing he can do to change it.

If that is the game Clinton is playing, then that is the game the Republican party should throw back in her face. Words said versus actions performed decades ago. Let’s see how the treatment of women pans out for Clinton and why she’s recently scrubbed the statement, “Rape victims have a right to be believed” off of her website (she plugs during each presidential debate).

Hillary could have retracted this statement given that Bill Clinton has assaulted many women and she destroyed a twelve year old rape victim in court years ago, but we are talking about the Clintons.


Coming to light Friday NOT covered by the paid-off mainstream media is Juanita Broaddrick, a rape victim of Bill Clinton’s. According to Breitbart, Juanita was allegedly raped when she was thirty five years old in Arkansas. Her terrifying story sheds light to a gruesome attack by Bill Clinton and also Hillary Clinton, who tried to cover up, bully and intimidate the woman, attempting to ruin Juanita’s life. Hillary didn’t care that Bill was cheating or raping women and young girls, she only cared that he got caught and she had to clean up the messes.

Juanita Broaddrick is not the only alleged victim of rape by Bill Clinton to step forward, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey also made their presence known at Sunday night’s debate in St Louis, Missouri. All of these women testified that Bill Clinton forced himself onto them and bit their faces so hard that their faces were bruised and bleeding.

Tasteful, strategic and well thought out, Trump stood next to Hillary Clinton triumphantly as these four women looked at him as a knight in shining armor. He was going to slay the wicked witch who became a living nightmare for these victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault. Actions do speak louder than words, after all.

Kathy Shelton, the twelve year old that Hillary Clinton called a liar and told the court “fantasized about older men” was also there, supporting Trump. No one asks to be raped and surely no one asks about the extremities of this then-child’s anguish of being beaten so badly and raped so viciously that the child fell into a coma for ten days and had to be “stitched up down there”. Kathy also was told after the incident that she would never be able to have children.

She still cries about the attack to this day, but she is being strong, standing up for herself and rape victims everywhere in joining Trump at the debate. After Hillary represented the monster that raped Kathy when she was twelve, Hillary laughed in a recording, “He took a lie detector test! I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs (chuckling and laughing).” These are the real words of an evil monster- these are words correlated with heinous actions we must be disgusted by.

Let’s be real here, in 2005, Donald Trump was a business man and reality star king. He was not a politician and had no reason to care about what he said, he was just trying to fit in with the Hollywood crowd and never had to watch his steps. It’s very easy to be criticized by people like Hillary Clinton and her colleagues, who have been involved with politics nearly their entire lives and also by people that do not live an extravagant, billionaire lifestyle.

Trump supporters feared that Donald Trump would bring up Bill Clinton’s past with alleged rape, getting involved in a messy back and forth with Clinton, taking attention away from the true topics and policies at hand during the second debate. Presidential debates are a platform to discuss economics and how to solve problems, not throw insults at one another like a five year old. Trump gave a stellar performance during the second debate, staying on topic and appearing to be very comfortable, not falling for Hillary Clinton’s bait. Trump is right- actions are louder than words and those four women being at the debate had a huge impact on the ambiance of the night.

The first debate on September 26th was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. In the following video, you can clearly see the likes of a computer screen or teleprompter go off after the debate ends. Watch as the lights have already come on, people have already risen and then suddenly, her podium top fades into black. Trump’s podium never changes.

A man quickly gathers things from Clinton’s podium, which is also slightly smaller than Trump’s, making her appear to be bigger and more powerful than she really is. Dressed in a bright red pantsuit, she definitely appeared larger than she normally does. They always say ‘watch out for the lady in red’.

It is also suggested by major world pro poker player and other poker pros, Mike Matusow, that Clinton was signaling the moderator, Lester Holt, so Clinton could get her zingers in. It is also leaked that Clinton had the questions a week in advance and that the Clinton campaign intimidated Lester Holt or paid him off.

She did seem rather confident and scripted and it is because the first debate was corrupt. It was like Trump did more debating with Lester Holt than he did with Hillary Clinton.

All claims that Trump was domineering and creepily following Hillary Clinton around the stage to “intimidate her” are completely wrong and false. Trump was cheated out of the first debate and he did not want to be cheated out again. It is also safe to say this corrupt woman is paying $200,000,000 to slander Trump’s name and bring up distasteful things he’s said decades ago.

Yes, decades ago, These remarks were made years ago, not yesterday.

Words versus actions from years ago–who’s the true champion of women?