PUBLISHED: 10:08 PM 1 Feb 2017

BREAKING: Austria Has Now Backed Trump, Instituting Ban Of Islam Inside Country Borders

The "Trump Effect" Has European Leftists Moving Against Islam

The "Trump Effect" Has European Leftists Moving Against Islam

The “Trump Effect” Has European Leftists Moving Against Islam

On the heels of a close presidential race which saw the right-wing candidate narrowly lose in a recount, Austrian liberals have taken steps to save a coalition rapidly careening toward political obsolescence.

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kerr made a recent announcement that “the full-face veil will be banned in public spaces” over the next 18 months. The ban includes state facilities like schools and court houses.

While the burqa and the niqab are getting nixed, the partial head-covering known as the hijab is still allowed, even on public officials like school teachers, court clerks, and police officers.

Hijabs, Burqas, and Niqabs...Confused Yet?

Hijabs, Burqas, and Niqabs…Confused Yet?

In response to the growing popularity of their right-wing opponents in the FPO (Freedom Party of Austria), the Social Democratic and Austrian People’s parties, which rule in a coalition, released new guidelines for migrant integration.

In a 35-page document, the party described its vision for Austria as an “open society that requires open communication.” As such, migrants living in Austria will have to agree to an “integration contract” and a “statement of values”.

Requirements are to include:

  • Public ban on full-face veils.
  • Signed integration contract and statement of values.
  • Mandatory “German Values” courses for all new migrants and refugees.
  • Language classes for 12 months, followed by passage of a German language exam.
  • “Assimilation Test” to determine migrant compliance with integration contract.

The government didn’t mince words: “Those who are not prepared to accept Enlightenment values will have to leave our country and society.

Those who failed to abide by the requirements would be punished with “fines” — monies withheld from their state welfare payments.

Leftist politicians have already enacted burqa and niqab bans in France and Germany, also in response to their citizens’ growing discontent and the rise of nationalist political movements.

German Chancellor Merkel Reluctantly Announced A Burqa Ban In Late 2016

German Chancellor Merkel Reluctantly Announced A Burqa Ban In Late 2016

While the moves might seem to be a shame-faced admission that conservatives are right about Muslim immigration, it’s a smokescreen. As with most of their decisions, it’s about political expediency and power preservation, above all.

By offering these ineffective band-aids, the Social Democrats and the “Red-Green Coalition” hope to stave off their inevitable dethroning at the hands of nationalist insurgents.

They have enjoyed such a comfortable reign for so many years, it’s unfathomable to them that they should be ousted from the halls of power by…gasp…populists!

The requirements are too little, too late. The mere necessity of these guidelines proves the naysayers right: Muslim integration is a huge problem in the European Union. Their cultural habits are often in direct conflict with those of the modern West.

So why not just do the brave thing, the noble thing, and suspend Muslim immigration altogether? Trump has already taken the slings and arrows of being a pioneer in the fight to save Western civilization from siege at the hands of bloodthirsty jihadis. All the rest of these lapdogs need to do is follow his lead, but they are afraid to do even that.

Kindergarten Teachers? No. Defense Ministers of Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, And Germany!

Kindergarten Teachers? No. Defense Ministers of Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, And Germany!

Instead they play this ludicrous farce, where we are supposed to believe that hardcore Islamic fundamentalists are suddenly going to abandon their bone-deep religious convictions on the say-so of a bunch of pusillanimous mealy-mouthed bureaucrats. It’s a nice fantasy but the reality is 180 degrees opposite.

Instead of conforming to the “enlightenment values”, the Muslim men who are arriving by the millions in Europe are there for the primary purpose of converting traditionally-Christian European states into Muslim caliphates, ruled by Shariah law.

The proof is in their actions. Are they attending church services in order to shed their violent and primitive beliefs? No, they are rioting, raping, and burning historic cathedrals — while demanding more mosques!

Marauding Muslims Attack Historic German Cathedral With Rockets

Marauding Muslims Attack Historic German Cathedral With Rockets

Are they lining up for job training so they can earn their keep and show appreciation for the generosity of European taxpayers? Of course not! Instead they are declaring that they have no intention of taking jobs, as their religion forbids it!

According to the timeless laws of humanity, when two opposing groups are set within the same territory, the physically stronger and more numerous group will impose its will on the weaker group.

We can trick nature for a little while, but she always wins out eventually. All the enlightenment rhetoric in the Bibliothèque de la Sorbonne won’t alter that simple biological reality.

That’s why it’s so dangerous to allow Europe or the United States to fill up with non-screened Muslim migrants from questionable backgrounds. They don’t believe in peaceful democratic debate. They don’t believe in the enlightenment. And they certainly don’t advocate separation of church and state.

What Do They Have To Do, Make A Big Sign And Wave It In Your Face?

What Do They Have To Do, Make A Big Sign And Wave It In Your Face?

When put up against men who have grown soft and ineffectual after decades of prosperity, these young Islamic warriors intend to plow them under and grasp control of the infrastructure they built. Does any sane Westerner want to contemplate a Muslim majority in a nuclear-armed first world country? Well it’s a certainty that this will happen if leftists are allowed to continue their current suicidal course.

The math is inescapable. Westerners are not having children at replacement rate, period. Meanwhile, Muslim families are regularly producing 20 offspring each, with multiple wives rotating the breeding duties.

This is compounded by family reunification laws, where each Muslim migrant is allowed to bring over his entire family from the Middle East, and each one of them will in turn produce many children.

We can argue about morality all we want but the fact is this: France and other nuclear-armed nations are at a serious risk of becoming ruled by Islamo-fascists within our lifetimes. They will have access to all of the wealth, infrastructure, and technology that was accumulated by Europeans, to use for their own nefarious ends. And according to the laws of democracy, there won’t be a thing we can do to stop them!

What Germany, Austria, France, and Sweden are doing is nothing short of self-immolation. At least Trump has moved the window to the right enough, so that even left-wing parties are talking about forcing immigrants to learn their official languages.  The damage may be slowed for a while, but it will be a miracle if the EU can survive without breaking apart.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Is Leading The Fight For Immigration Sanity

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Is Leading The Fight For Immigration Sanity

If these endangered European states want to do what’s right for their own citizens, they need to extricate themselves from the EU, and enact strict limits on all non-European immigration. Even these “extreme” measures will leave them with hundreds of thousands of refugees to deal with who have already been approved. Accepting greater numbers should be completely unacceptable to the taxpayers of Europe, until the current round of migrants is fully assimilated.