PUBLISHED: 5:34 PM 24 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 10:25 PM 24 Jan 2017

Democrats Target Top Aide In Assassination Attempt…Trump Orders Secret Service To “Do It”


A strong woman under attack

Kellyanne Conway succeeded where Hillary Clinton failed. It doesn’t matter that she isn’t President, she did what no other woman has done, ran a successful Presidential campaign, and she did it with the dignity and honesty that Clinton never had and never will.

Before becoming Trump’s campaign manager, Conway had already had a distinguished career. She clerked for a judge in Washington, D.C. Along with this; she also spent four years as an adjunct professor at George Washington University Law Center. After practicing law, Conway entered the polling business with a firm that worked for Ronald Reagan.

Conway has worked with numerous political figures such as Jack Kemp, Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich, Fred Thompson, and Mike Pence. Her firm also includes WomainTrend, a research and consulting division created to better connect corporate America with the female consumer.

She has been seen frequently as a commentator on polling and the political scene on channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Network, etc. In 2005, she released the book “What Women Really Want: How American Women Are Quietly Erasing Political, Racial, Class and Religious Lines to Change the Way We Live.”

In what could be seen as one of his smartest moves, Donald Trump announced on July 1, 2016, that he hired Kellyanne Conway for a senior advisory position. Considering her as “widely regarded as an expert on female consumers and voters” it was expected that she would help him understand how to better appeal to female voters. In August, Conway became the Trump campaign’s manager, becoming the first woman to run a Republican general election presidential campaign.

Conway was an important part of Trump’s campaign; she was tireless in her defense of him and had to defend herself as well. In December, Jen Palmieri, who was communications director for Clinton’s presidential campaign, wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post where she claimed the Trump campaign catered to white supremacists;

“I don’t know whether the Trump campaign needed to give a platform to white supremacists to win. But the campaign clearly did, and it had the effect of empowering the white-nationalist movement.”

When asked if the back-and-forth accusations are “going to end,” Conway referred to that piece, as well as the death threats.

“Ask Jen Palmieri that because she’s writing an op-ed, somebody else in The Washington Post today has a scathing headline about me which is not true but did lead to some death threats today…”

Conway added, “The fact is that [the Trump] campaign ran a race where we reached into those working class voters who felt they were the forgotten man or forgotten woman, they were the base of our support. All [the Hillary Clinton campaign] needed to do was have a compelling, sticky, aspirational message for the American people….all I heard was ‘We’re not Donald Trump. That’s not a message.”


She is a great example for our children

Saturday Night Live even devoted an entire skit trying to paint her as self-obsessed and shallow. This is quite the fabrication because she is a lifelong conservative and woman of faith. Maybe that skit was written by the same woman who predicted 10 year-old Barron Trump would be a mass murderer.

Now that Donald Trump is now President Trump, one might assume that some of the pettiness from the Democrats would cease and the government could move forward together for the American people. Democrats have really never been good at playing with others and they continue to demonstrate that.

Threats, including death ones, have continued for President Trump and now they have descended on Kellyanne Conway as well.

On Monday, Conway revealed in an interview that she had received mail containing a suspicious white powder. Due to this, she has been placed under the protection of the Secret Service.

The packages are not just being delivered to her office but also her house, where she has four young children. “Because of what the press is doing now to me, I have Secret Service protection,” Conway said. “We have packages delivered to my house with white substances. That is a shame.”

She did not disclose if anyone other member of Trump’s team was receiving this type of threat.

Staying strong despite the needed protection

Conway largely blames the media for the negative press and the continued air time they are giving fake news stories. She is absolutely correct. The Democrats are the source of all of this but the media is guilty of fueling the hate and hysteria. Thanks to them, at least 4 innocent children are now at risk.

Strong women like Conway should be respected and encouraged by a country that supposedly wants equal rights for women. She is what many women claim to want, a successful career woman with a happy family. But that isn’t enough for liberals. She is deemed guilty by association.

They will not look at the woman herself, only her relationship with a man that liberals refuse to accept. President Trump is turning America around and he has barely taken office. Kellyanne Conway is partially responsible for his success and that is more than enough for whiny snowflakes.

This woman deserves our praise not death threats. We certainly hope they find the source of these threats and that they are prosecuted harshly.