PUBLISHED: 6:01 PM 15 Feb 2017

BREAKING: Assange Now Warns, “Intelligence Community Considers Themselves Permanent Gov”


Jullian Assange is warning Trump that his own Intelligence may be out to bring him down with leaks, misinformation, and harm from within.

Yesterday a look was taken at the likelihood that someone within the internet technology side (IT) of Trump’s administration was a leftover from Obama’s years, or perhaps prior. It was reasoned that, while such data is certainly classified leaving only educated guesses, that the turnover rate for the people who code for the U.S. government is not likely based on who won an election. It was asked if this kind of job retention, which would be vital it can be assumed for national security, could also lead to lax (or even purposefully harmful) management of security imperatives that could be used to harm Trump. Whether by neglect or sabotage, it was established that the guilty must hear Trump’s famous words, “You’re Fired!” and we must move onward.

Today Julian Assange has made the question MUCH bigger than if a few internet nerds got it wrong or not by suggesting that perhaps the entire Intelligence Community (IC) is working to bring down or otherwise harm the presidency of Donald Trump. Assange is serious enough about the reasoning that after a few jokes, he christened his new Twitter account, created only Tuesday, with a post about it. After a tweet about the account being born, his second posting read, “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated (in a curious plot),” which featured links to all of his “presumed dead” rumors that were trending.


When Trump attacked ISIS, it was Obamas plan that Trump followed through on, and many said that it was as if the enemy knew we were coming. Did American leaks from the IC cause it?

We already know that Julian Assange told Sean Hannity that “They are trying to say that President-elect Trump is not a legitimate president,” which like much that he says, states a great deal with very few words. People are allowed to have an opinion and even know that Trump is wrong. Everyone reading this is free to share the wisdom or discard it as complete rubbish but that is NOT the case with the IC.

The IC, much like members of his security staff, are NOT allowed to have anything that even resembles an opinion unless it pertains to an opinion on what they believe a certain data set may show them. It is not a breach of their rights, their job is to gather data, present data, and do NOTHING but assist the president. They are free to quit at any time, but while on the post, they are to gather data, analyze data, and deviate in NO WAY from what the president wants. They are what makes up the president’s mind, not to be what influences it. That is what allowed George W. Bush to send us to an unneeded war in the Middle East and it must never be allowed to happen again.


Assange suspects that those loyal to Obama in the Intelligence Community may be betraying the nation and Trump, both. With Wikileaks having a reputation for facts, this paid attention to.

So what is it that we have? It seems rather short-sighted to have held in suspect only the IT department when the big picture seems to blame a much larger and more dangerous group of people. Bad intelligence could now lead to nuclear war if bad intel arrives that is a counterpart of a war with Russia who is still buzzing our warships, for instance. Also, these leaks and half-truths that are happening are very likely attempts from within to bring down Trump and destroy his leadership ability. If he can be painted as incompetent and this movement splintered as a result, the hope for Congress is that Trump can become more pliable.

The trouble is that a more pliable Trump is not what the nation voted for, they voted for everything that stops what those in the IC are trying to cause to occur. The voters do not want a watered down travel ban, they actually want it expanded to include the wife beaters, throat slashers, and gay bashers in Saudi Arabia. We don’t want “NAFTA-lite”, if we did we would have voted for Gary Johnson…we want NAFTA gone.

The list can go on and on but the point is that the hateful left is no longer trying to beat Trump on issues or votes (which they every right in the world to try and do) but rather by using -or by being – the people whom the president is counting most upon. It does not take a genius from say, the IT Department, to deduce that this could not only lead to the fall of Donald Trump, but also cause undue warfare, failed deals, security woes, and even nuclear exchanges.


Julian Assange is warning Trump of dangers inside of IC. These warnings were given to JFK, and we know where that lead.

Many think that Vice President Johnson or someone in the C.I.A. (let us remember what “I” is for) gave not only bad intelligence to John F. Kennedy, but that those within the IC actually allowed and helped plot his death. In the media today we see a myriad of calls for what? Donald Trump’s death. If not for people in the independent media pointing out the fact, Facebook and Twitter were not even going to act at all to stop it, as displayed by how long many death threats were allowed to remain active even when reported. Just like when the Twin Towers fell and those that hated America danced in the streets (then denied it even though video exists of it), so will the Democrats and hatemongers on the left dance should Trump fall in much the same way.

Are we then saying that there could be reasons to suspect that those within our own government are working to give Mr. Trump bad intelligence, fake intelligence, misinformation, and to leak on his administration to such a degree that it puts not only his life but the life of everyone at risk? In light of what we have seen so far, the answer has to be yes, without overstating the issue and roaming into the realms of conspiracy. If Trump is seeing liars in his ranks (check), many of whom he did not place there (check), and if we are seeing leaks (CHECK!) from these same people then the only logical conclusion is yes.


How far would the left go to destroy Trump?

Assange is not Trump’s friend. It is debated after the way that Assange attacked Trump over his taxes if Assange even likes Donald Trump, which does not matter in the least. Trump most likely does not like Assange just because if Trump hears the very word “leak” one more time he may to apt to smack whoever just said it. All humor aside, what Assange is posting matters because Wikileaks has a perfect batting average.

They do not post lies and they do not allude to conspiracy theories. Knowing this, keeping an eye on what changes happen in the IC will show the depth of this Wikileaks tweet because if Assange knows, Trump knows. If Wikileaks history of correct call is any indication, look for changes to happen in that sector very, very soon.