PUBLISHED: 6:34 PM 27 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 4:59 PM 28 Jan 2017

Assange To Trump: WikiLeaks Will Release The Full Documents Involved In Your Case


Jullian Assange, while a hero, is asking Trump to release returns that are still in question…therefore are not “returns” at all, but speculation on what returns MAY be when the case is done.

It was recently noted that president Donald Trump was correct in noting the difference between him sharing a mutual respect for Putin and actually considering him a friend, which Trump has said that he does not. That means that Putin is not a friend of the United States currently if one reads between the lines just a little bit. While that does not make us enemies, it does mean “proceed with caution.”

It turns out that person who Trump did at least have upon the friend radar to some degree may have been Julian Assange. Assange and Wikileaks were actually praised by Trump for leaking the Hilary Clinton corruption which dutifully showed America and the world just how evil she was. It exposed her companies satanic spirit cooking and also showed the many that Clinton had to the most vile empires on the globe. In prior times, Wikileaks has exposed the Iraq war for the debacle that it turned out to be, which should have proven that Assange was no respecter of political parties, caring far more about truth and honesty. He has given his life to a prison of two rooms in the name of these ideals.

Donald Trump certainly got the memo that Julian Assange is not a friend, but just as impartial and fair as he has ever been, having incurred the wrath of Bush and Obama in years prior. This is seen in the fact the Assange is preparing to release Donald Trump’s tax records, something that Trump has said that he was already planning to do once his tax audit was over.

Wikileaks also said, “Trump’s breach of promise over the release of his tax returns is even more gratuitous than (Hillary) Clinton concealing her Goldman Sachs transcripts,” . While this is sure to make the news channels for weeks, the actual leak is going to likely be a non-event. The reason for this prediction is that we know that Trump was a prudent thinker who knew that over taxation kills business growth. Therefore, he surely used every loophole, just like everyone else alive does.

If the government really wanted to stop such things, they would abolish the I.R.S. and replace it with a small tax on everything or they would follow the advice of people like Rand Paul and Justin Amash. Instead, the fed uses it’s time to create loopholes that they encourage people to try and find like children looking for eggs on Easter morning. Like eggs, they rot when not found, so people hire experts to find all of them and to know how they interact with each other. Sometimes this interaction creates an audit, or a “second look”. An audit does NOT imply guilt in any way. Still, when the government gets a person to jump through all of those hoops, they then condemn the poor fool jumping.


America is waking up the need to abolish the illegal I.R. S. just as Assange hope to make a scandal out of it.

We know that Trump is a billionaire, so let’s see, do we suspect pricey vacations? Check. A plush lifestyle? Check. A  Christmas gift list for adorable Baron Trump that makes the eyes cross? Double check. Will there be SOME kind of scandal to be milked? Of course, but what leader has not had some kind of squawking occur once people see what how they use, make, and often spend their money on?

The truth is that (see authors note below) whenever someone goes through ANY legal dealings, a wise lawyer or team of lawyers will tell their client to say nothing. This goes double for when the legal dealings and wrangling is with the tax man, be he federal or state. Dealing with the tax man is a lot like what those that practice the black arts have to deal with when dealing with demons and various denizens of Satan, one false move and it all goes to hell.

If Trump talks about the audit, a reporter (who may not be fake news, but just trying to make his editor happy) may ask him a question and depending on what he says and how, it could ruin the whole case that his lawyers had been working on. It could cost him millions in taxes, God only knows what in attorney fees, and be a real nightmare that could have been avoided by just waiting to speak on the matter until it is resolved.


Rand Paul and has the right idea for what to do with our tax code. The new Trump/Wikileaks mess will helpfully shed more light on this Constitutional idea.

Another reason to not talk about the matter is that if the I.R.S. or whoever it is that the I.R.S. is questioning dealings with in relation to Trump, if an agreement is to be achieved with a certain gag in place, releasing them prior to the case being closed would negate that as a possibility if every news network from CNN to Radio Free Havana already have the whole return. It could also create a very embarrassing situation for anyone that Trump dealt with that DID lose in this. Such a person may ask Trump the gag such things, which is legal.

Lastly, it is never good to egg the I.R.S. on. Much like finding the biggest guy in the bar and insulting his mother, going out of ones way to make the I.R.S. unhappy is a great way to undermine any chance of capitulation. If Trump releases them now and the media says, “Why did this happen?”, Trump has to either say, “The I.R.S.” is right (so that he loses), “The I.R.S. is wrong” (so that he angers them on the world stage and loses), or he says nothing and is then painted as someone with something to hide.


Chances are high that Trump has nothing to hide, but Assange will introduce Trump to what he can expect for the next four years. Trump will show that he can take it.

If this sounds like something that is not fair to ask of someone, it is not. Court cases have a conclusion for a reason. In essence, Trump does not even HAVE any tax returns to show because we do not know what the actual RETURN is. The press and Wikileaks is pushing to release speculation, which makes no sense.

With that said, dare we say, “Good, Assange”. Yes, good for two reasons. One, if taxes are all that they have on Trump then we likely have a pretty good man in office. Secondly, lets face it, Trump has said himself that he is not a career politician, so this will introduce him to the culture. Just because many of us love Mr. Trump does not mean that we expect or want “our guy”to be treated with kid gloves. Bring it, Mr. Assange, for that is fair, and is your job, but please don’t be too let down when this is the non-issue of the year.

*authors note* – having gone through two audits and won both, lawyers do not condone ANY talking of or about the case. Even sometimes after it is settled, though not in my case, I was warned prior that it could end that way….gagged. I was told to utter not a single word regarding until it was done and only then what lmy awyer, allowed, which was anything, as it turned out. I was not guilty, nor suspected out guilt. It dealt with deductions and payment structure. Trump is, from my two experiences, being honest in this.