PUBLISHED: 10:51 PM 21 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Assange Missing For Days, Announced DEAD, Embassy Stormed After Airport Lockdown


Have you seen this man? He’s wanted for trying to save democracy.

Following the news feels like watching an archery contest. You blink, you miss the shot.

On second thought, keeping up with the news these days is more like trying to keep your eye on ten arrows shot all at once. Wikileaks, Zika virus, Veritas videos, vote-rigging, Black Lives Matter, war with Russia, cyber attacks, Obamacare collapsing on our heads, and on and on.

That’s why we here at the Conservative Daily Post try to find and explain the most important news of the day–especially because you won’t hear about most of it from the mainstream media (aka the Democratic Palace Guard). The problem is, you can’t vet the news unless you report it.

I have written articles before that readers sometimes criticize like this: “That’s just speculation! What are your sources for this? Can you prove it?” Etc. Specifically, for example, earlier this week when I wrote about the apparent death of Julian Assange (founder and head of Wikileaks), we received blowback that his death was “just a rumor.”

Well, yes–that’s exactly the point.

When a man threatening the globalist elites with hacked revelations, and who is literally trapped in a foreign embassy that local police suddenly converge on–when a man like Assange goes silent, has his Internet cut off, and his organization’s starts tweeting much more aggressively and negatively, then, yes, there’s a name for rumors like that.

It’s called news–not history.


Assange is in London; we are not. All we have to go by are up-to-the-minute reports via on-the-street witnesses and friendly insiders via Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, etc. You can track an arrow in flight, but you can’t guarantee it will hit the bullseye. Likewise, we at CDP track the news as closely and objectively as possible, but that doesn’t guarantee the information we pass on to you always pans out.

So, because this is a high-stakes, international, complex, and still breaking story, let’s break it down piece by piece, arrow by arrow.

  1. The last time the world saw Assange in motion was September 10, when he gave a Web message from the Ecuadorian embassy in London (where he has been confined for over four years) to a Wikileaks conference in Berlin.
  2. Almost immediately Wikileaks began releasing thousands more emails that are sending the Democratic party into a tailspin.
  3. The last reported sighting of Assange was this Monday, when Pamela Anderson was reported bringing him “a vegan lunch.”
  4. The same day Wikileaks wrote three cryptic tweets with file-specific “hash codes” directed at Ecuador, John Kerry, and the British Secretary of State.
  5. Also on Monday Secretary of State John Kerry himself was in London, and police cars had converged on the embassy.
  6. Shortly after that, under pressure from America and the UK, the Ecuadorian government cut off Assange’s Internet connection was completely cut off, leaving him dead to the world (perhaps even to signal that he was already literally dead).
  7. Meanwhile, Wikileaks has continued to release emails and tweet announcements, although, in the past 48 hours, the tone of the tweets have become much darker and more aggressive, and the account has been responding to (jabbing back at) other users like never before.
  8. On Thursday, for example, Wikileaks stunned the world by announcing the first batch of secret Obama emails he had written since at least 2008 with an undisclosed (until now) email address.

Less than three hours later on Thursday, Wikileaks fired another warning across the nose of the leaking U.S.S. Democrat:

And that brings us to the present.

Dickinson, a pioneer of the emerging “renegade media,” is referring to the massive cyber-attack that took place this morning, which deactivated about half of the Internet for hours. I just reported about that if you’d like to know more.

While the cyber-attack was occurring, Wikileaks sent out this chilling tweet–and notice that it’s a photo from Tuesday, when Assange’s Internet connection was “e-ssassinated.”

Shortly after that tweet, the nearest airport to the Ecuadorian embassy was locked down due to a mysterious “chemical incident.”

Another renegade journalist and political analyst, Mike Cernovich, put the dots together and threw down a gauntlet for anyone who has knowledge of Assange’s whereabouts (or remains, as the case may be).

Like I say, this story is breaking on an almost minute-by-minute basis, so everything is subject to change. For all I know, five minutes after I publish this, Assange could step out onto the embassy balcony with a cup of Earl Grey tea in his hand and a big smile on his face.

On top of that, maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “This is interesting and all, but, what’s it got to do with America–with me?”

Honestly, Assange’s fate may have everything to do with ours here in America.

If his mission to spread the truth with these leaks continues, history will show that Wikileaks played a massive role in breaking the spell of liberal hypnosis and subjugation over the American people. If his mission is derailed, however, the powers that be–the entire army of liberal media, politicians, and donors that are throwing every weapon they can against Donald Trump and his supporters–will return to power, ready to exact vengeance on people like us.

Lastly, let’s imagine Assange is not dead. How does his life, as opposed to his death, impact this election, and thus our fate as a nation?

Donald Trump has already pledged to assign a special investigator for Hillary Clinton, if he becomes president, so that she may finally face justice. That pledge is hugely appealing to people who are tired of the Clintons always dodging justice. But Cernovich is right. There’s one more pledge Trump can make to win over the millions of politically undecided truthseekers in America: pledge to pardon Julian Assange and offer him asylum in America. That is the arrow that may finally pierce the heart of the liberal establishment.

In other words, the desire to Make America Great Again is intimately connecting to the pledge to Make Assange Free Again!