PUBLISHED: 4:27 PM 12 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 4:32 PM 12 Oct 2016

BREAKING: Assange Just Exposed Replay Of Bill Touching Chelsea’s Babysitter

Bill Clinton Exposed For Groping His Third Cousin In Arkansas

Bill Clinton Exposed For Groping His Third Cousin In Arkansas

Bill Clinton Exposed For Groping His Third Cousin In Arkansas

WikiLeaks has quickly become a major force in this presidential election. While Hillary and her cronies argue that they work for Russia, that still doesn’t excuse them for using vile language and committing fraud.

WikiLeaks continues to drop massive email leaks, and they have been doing so full force this week. They have quickly become the most dominant force in this presidential election as they continue to expose Hillary and her campaign for years of lying to the American people.

Aside from Hillary, a recent discovery has been made about Bill Clinton in the latest email dump.

While we all know that Bill Clinton is a sexual predator that has assaulted dozens of women, we now have access to an email exchange indicating that Bill Clinton attempted to grope his third cousin from Arkansas.

Here is the email released early Wednesday morning by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks:


WikiLeaks Shows Bill Assaulted A Child

The email indicates that a former Arkansas state employee witnessed then-Governor Bill Clinton walk behind a younger girl and rub his pelvis on her backside.

The younger girl was later identified as Bill Clintons third cousin. Thankfully, this little girl heroically told her counselor about what happened, otherwise, the world may never have known about this story.

The Clintons would have silenced and threatened them to keep quiet the same way they silenced Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and all of the other women assaulted and victimized by Bill Clinton.

Bill Clintons sexual activities date back to the 1990’s and one can only imagine how many other women have been silenced and threatened to keep quiet.

The Clintons’ activities have not only included Bill’s physical rape of women, but also Hillary’s degradation and psychological rape of women whom Bill has assaulted. Hillary always steps in and covers for Bill, which is very odd given that she claims to be a champion of rights for women.

Behind the scenes, Hillary calls these women “sluts,” “whores,” and “b*****s,” because she is psychologically blaming and shaming them for the unwanted physical attentions and violence of her husband.

Is this the type of woman we want to lead this country or be a role model for our wives and daughters? Absolutely not.

Hillary Possibly Knew, And Said Absolutely Nothing

Hillary Possibly Knew, And Said Absolutely Nothing

The brave women who came forward to expose Bill Clintons sexual abuse and assaults on them were labeled as “trailer trash,” and Clinton himself called it “trash for cash” when many tabloids began paying women whose stories they found credible.

While the history of Bill Clinton assaulting women close to his age are well founded, we have never seen documents proving he groped a younger girl. Not only that, she was his cousin that babysat his daughter Chelsea.

There cannot be a more disgusting story written on this issue. While liberal cronies spend all day talking about what Trump said eleven years ago, let’s see if any of the major news outlets cover this story exposing that Bill tried to grope and assault his younger cousin.

The Clintons ought to be forced to publicly apologize for this. It is also perplexing to wonder if Hillary has known about this and silenced the little girl.

Anything is possible with the Clintons.