PUBLISHED: 6:21 PM 4 Jun 2016

BREAKING ALERT: 20 States That Just Called An Emergency Convention Into Effect, Insider Secrets Revealed

confederate states

There has been increasing talk of calling a convention of the states together to stop the federal government and Obama’s administration from running wild and doing whatever they choose. However, now the talk has turned into a reality as states have mobilized to put the convention into place. The resolution has just been circulated and approved by the states involved.

Once the document was compiled and formatted for appropriate government security (unlike what Hillary did with emails), it was mailed directly to the White House so that Obama can read it fully himself and recognize that the true American people are tired of his actions and looking to make a change.

All of this is a second order effect that has been brought about because Obama’s federal government has become too intrusive and too powerful. Government was initially created to protect the people, not invade on their liberties. That is the exact opposite of what government is supposed to naturally do. These states recognize that and have made powerful moves to reinstate the American values that rose up in 1776.

The convention hopes to focus on three specific areas where revisions and changes are drastically necessary. The first area deals with the budget and the government’s crazy levels of irresponsible spending. The second deals with the increasing power of government organizations such as the EPA that choke out natural business. The third deals with how the government continues to manipulate the American people with mandates that only further the agendas of those who live in the Oval Office.

If you would like to get behind this movement, please share this article on Facebook. Local congressmen are using this post as a metric to determine whether the convention can successfully pass, as any final decisions there will require a national level petition.