PUBLISHED: 9:33 PM 6 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 1:20 AM 7 Jan 2017

BREAKING: Active Shooter At Florida Airport, Full Lockdown As Mass Casualties Reported


A Florida shooter has again attacked unarmed civilians for reasons yet unknown.

UPDATE 8:02 EST (0riginal posting below) – New facts have emerged from NBC that the Florida airport gunman, Estaban Santiago had TOLD THE FBI a full year ago that he was forced to fight for ISIS. Considering his past witch featured a discharge from the National Guard for poor performance as well as history of mental health problems, this was likely a delusion. Either way, how did the FBI allow this happen? If the government can not be trusted to catch a man already here who’d admitted that he worded for ISIS (by force or by delusion), then how can the American people trust the government with bringing in refugees that may want to harm us?

Also, like many of the piety filled men who embrace radical Islam, Santiago has a history of child pornography. There was not enough proof to convict the then 22 year old  Puerto Rican Islamic Terrorist & Anime Fan in 2012, but it does make one ponder: is the government really capable of doing the job if they allow a man who claims to be forced into ISIS, admits to working for ISIS, is mentally ill, and who has raised FBI concerns in the past to kill people at an airport?

UPDATE 6:34 EST (0riginal posting below) – The gunman, Esteban Santiago has been confirmed captured after dropping is weapon and spreading his legs when his killing spree had ended. Santiago is identified as a 26 year ex National Guard veteran who served in Iraq. He had been discharged due to “unsatisfactory performance” and according to his brother had recently been receiving mental heath treatment. There is no word yet regarding if any psychotropic or prescription medications may have again been given as these have been proven to be present in many such cases.

He was seen saying hardly a word as he fired until he weapon had no more ammunition left within it. This action sent panicked passengers onto the tarmac with their bags in hand. As of this update, there is still no given motive for the attack.


It is just being reported that in Florida, at least five people are dead (VERY GRAPHIC VIDEO here) at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport following a mass shooting. Eight more have been hospitalized, with the number said to be climbing. Due to the fact that the story is still developing, it is unknown how high the actual number may be. It is also not fully known if the gunman acted alone or if there are other shooters on the scene, either.

We can confirm that the airport is on lock down. No one is allowed to come NOR DEPART the airport for any reason. Planes that are in the sky must land, and many passengers have no idea of the horrific attack or if their loved ones are safe.

The suspect, Esteban Santiago, is in custody and was said to be carrying a military I.D. He was wearing a Star Wars shirt, was dark complected, and said virtually nothing. With the state of the world being as it is, terrorism has to be a suspected motive when one considers the many attacks that have happened in the past where radicalized Islamist’s have committed acts of terror while part of the armed forces.

However, nothing is confirmed fully at this time, nothing can yet be assumed. Airport staff were heard telling passengers and patrons to take cover as people fled in fear or ducked to avoid being an easy target. Ducking proved an ineffective means of survival sadly, as Santiago was even shooting those who had attempted to do so as they lay there defenseless.

This has all happened at terminal number two and is said to still be ongoing. Whether this means that more shooters are on the loose, suspected, or if the area is just being cleared by authorities has also not yet been established.

The airport, which is the 21st busiest in the nation, is on total lock down and while no motive is known, it may prove worthy to watch and remain alert for confirmation that this is terror based.

It may also be important to note that these acts of terror keep happening in gun free zones. Perhaps the idea behind taking the gun out of the hands of law-abiding citizens is a noble idea in theory, but just like school zones, this policy is a failing one.

We will update this story when we know more. Share this to keep everyone safe and alerted from this possible terrorist attack.