PUBLISHED: 7:27 PM 7 Nov 2016

BREAKING: 60,000 Felons Just Pardoned At Last Second To Vote Hillary


They Just Got Pardoned To Vote For HER!

If you are convicted of breaking the law here in the United States, there is a lot more at stake than just going to prison. You are also under a tremendous amount of scrutiny for the rest of your adult life.

Really think about it. On every job application that you have done there is always a question that asks if you were convicted of a felony. And on top of that you lose your right to vote. Putting it mildly, it’s a very big deal to be convicted of a felony.

But if you are a felon that is living in the state of Virginia, then you might have just gotten your right to vote back. And what great timing as well! Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has just granted voting rights to nearly 60,000 felons, which is just enough time to get them to register to vote!

It’s a big deal considering that FELONS SHOULDN’T BE VOTING IN THE FIRST PLACE! Oh and let’s not forget that McAuliffe has a close friendship with the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. It’s pretty easy to see what just happened here. McAuliffe just did whatever he could to make sure that Clinton wins the state of Virginia!

Hillary has Gotten Wealthy While the Middle East Burns

She Has A Close Relationship With The Man That Just Pardoned 60,000 Felons

Before that, McAuliffe had wanted to allow EVERY SINGLE FELON in the state of Virginia the right to vote. That number was around 200,000! That was stopped when the state courts said that each individual felon’s circumstances had to be weighed.

Not one to be dismayed, McAuliffe found a way around that. He used a mechanical autopen to rapidly SIGN thousands of letters, giving off the impression that he personally reviewed them! His office kept saying that the total number of pardons was about 13,000.

Of course now it has been discovered that the real number is 60,000! McAuliffe is going to do whatever he can to make sure that Clinton is elected president. He was the one who was in charge of her unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign! But this goes a lot further than just old friends.

The number of felons that McAuliffe let out is enough to turn the entire election around! He released 60,000 people to vote in an already contested election. But Virginia might be one of the closest states out there. In 2014 their United States Senate race was decided by only 17,000 votes! He literally tripled that amount!

But once again, this is just to make sure that Clinton gets the presidential election. McAuliffe has been a close friend of the Clinton’s for years! He personally guaranteed a loan for their Chappaqua, New York, mansion back in 1999. Not to mention that he was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee!

Naturally he tried to back pedal and say that he had “no idea” how felons would vote and said that he never thought about it. But it should be noted that Clinton’s staff emailed him after he originally made the 200,000 voters move and called it a “great announcement.” Of course that was because that would have basically guaranteed the state of Virginia to Clinton.

This just sounds like it’s a way for the Governor of Virginia to make sure that Clinton wins the state. It’s not the first time that he has done something to help his Democratic friends. McAuliffe also did a major favor for the wife of a senior FBI executive who was running for a Virginia legislative seat at the same time that Clinton was being investigated for her use of the private email server.

Felons Helping Felons!

Felons Helping Felons!

Virginia officials had expressed some surprise that McAuliffe had signed a lot more letters than had been previously reported. Apparently some state legislators and registrars were left in the dark about it, which just shows that he was doing something that is frowned upon.

Belle Wheeler, the vice-chairman of the Virginia Board of Elections, was asked about the felons and she said that she was told the total was going to be somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000.

“Cortes stated that the names were available to the general registrars thru the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website. He stated that the number was between 50 and 60,000 names. He was unable to be more precise.” It’s a little unusual that you can’t be more precise about the number of people that you gave voting rights back to.

And here is where the corruption is really evident. Wheeler noted that McAuliffe has EXPLICITLY asked felons to vote for Clinton. And since the election races have been very tight in recent history, it could be enough to turn the state in favor of Clinton.


These Felons Were Asked Specifically To Vote For Clinton!

This could be an example of election rigging, as the Governor has been doing this to make sure that they are going to vote for Clinton. And there has been a tremendous amount of election rigging cases so far. One of the biggest examples of this has been the fact that some of the voting machines are being distributed by noted Clinton supporter George Soros. You mean to tell me that he isn’t going to do anything to try and rig the election?

And then there was the case where there were two people that applied for absentee ballots only to discover that they were filled with pro-Democrat messages. There wasn’t a single shred of evidence that showed anything for the Republican party. They were doing what they could to make the people who applied for absentee ballots were only voting for Democrats!

Share this article with your friends and family to show that the only reason that the Governor of Virginia gave voting rights back to 60,000 felons and told them to exclusively vote for Hillary Clinton. It’s enough to sway the state in favor of her! That is basically election rigging!

If you want to end the corruption in Washington, then it is ever so important that you go vote TOMORROW. This isn’t a game anymore. Go out and make sure that Donald Trump gets elected to the highest office in the land! Otherwise we are going to have four more years of this country being DESTROYED!