PUBLISHED: 4:58 PM 14 Feb 2017

BREAKING: 3 Arrested After Cult Ritual Leaves 1 Dead, Killed By Unusual Weapon In Terrible Way


Satan worshippers are believed to have murdered a 15 year old girl once again.

In yet another display of outright evil for evils sake, a fifteen year old girl has been murdered in what appears to be a satanic ritual. At a time when most girls are trying to get their boyfriends to put down the Xbox controller long enough to snap a selfie, Jessica Valeria was sadly descended upon by three 17 year olds who left her stripped and with a broomstick protruding from her eye. While this happened in Coahuila, Mexico, and therefore is not directly tied to the string of “weekend satanists” that have been terrorizing innocents in the U.S, it is a sign that things on a moral level are heading, well, to hell.

The strike that took Ms. Valeria’s life was said to come “forceful with extreme violence” and that some markings etched into her body had implied that the motive was a satanic rite of some kind. The Attorney Generals office has said, “But everything is an assumption, that’s why the investigations are carried out. It is an unfortunate case, very unfortunate.” To make matters even worse, there were others who were arrested in connection to the satanic practices that lead to Jessica Valeria’s horrific death, though it is not thought that more than the three took part in the sacrifice, according to reports thus far.


The media and bad parenting have blurred the lines between fiction and truth so much so that notions of “right” and “wrong” are thought to be obsolete…which is the first rule of satanism. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of law.”

This is just one of a string of satanic attacks that have happened in Mexico and the United States. Even Australia has seen a rise in such evil acts, in their case, even involving sex with minors.  Most satanists are not harming anyone, but that is not even the kind of evil that is being promoted in America today. There have always been those that practice various arts that while not “the norm” have at least harmed no one.

We know that the “Slender Man” murders happened in some bizarre cross between fiction fandom and outright satanic practices and even that the elites all the way up to Hillary Clinton are engaged in spirit cooking, aka, satanism. Skull and Bones Society is so tight lipped about what they do that when a few facts do trickle out, it shows that our leaders who have ties to this and groups like it all share one thing in common….the leaks show satanism. It is never a leak showing them going to a Christian church, a mosque (which they claim to love so much), or baking cookies for sick children. It is ALWAYS tied to the horned one himself, Mr. Red. Why is that?

Rather than make a tiresome list of the gruesome murders just to make the stomach crawl (which can be done by clicking here, here, and here), perhaps we should spend a bit more time trying to figure out what is causing all of this. Sure, if someone wants to worship the devil, that is their right, for even Christians admit that such is the option of freewill. However, this is no longer a freedom of religion issue when it becomes murderous anymore than Islam is still a freedom issue when sharia butchers throw a man from a building or beat a woman half to death for looking upward while walking.

As for the root of this, that is hard to pinpoint, but President Trump is quite right when he talks about the separation of church and state being part of the problem. When America stopped teaching about God they also stopped teaching that there were moral absolutes. Everything became “relative,” which meant that since there was no “carved in stone” right or wrong any longer, ANYTHING could be called “the right thing” under the right circumstances. This is a slippery slope that leads to broomsticks in ones eyes.


Satanism has long been promoted in entertainment, such as Church of Satan founder Anton LeVey being promoted with black, Jewish entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr. from a long, bygone era.

We have talked about our leaders being known occultists/satanists/anti-Christian already, but what about the real leaders of the home….the parents? Sure, Katy Perry may be doing satanic rituals on stage, but Hollywood has been promoting satanism ever since the founder of the Church of Satan appeared with a black Jewish hero of a bygone era, Sammy Davis Jr.

Likewise, America has nutcases that thought that Ozzy Osbourne and heavy metal was real in the 1980’s and that “gangsta’ rap” was an actual lifestyle choice even still. Parents are in charge of telling their children what is right and what is wrong, but since parents now have been raised to think that all things are relative, when Jr. comes home with an inverted cross tattoo, well…it may be “right”…..right? Our leaders and Hollywood will always push evil, but now there is no family unit to stop them.

Censorship is not the answer, for if Fox wants to portray “Lucifer, the Lord of Hell” as a star in a TV show and as a hero while the name Jesus Christ is considered hate speech, censoring it will only make the show hit number one, just ask Marilyn Mason. Many Christians even love horror movies/music, but there is something different here. Much like when Justice Potter Stewart said in regards to pornography, “I know it when I see it,” he was quite right. There is a difference between creating even disgusting art for arts sake and promoting true evil. The lines are blurred on purpose by our spirit cooking leaders, and it can not be described why the movie “Saw” is not selling evil as “cool” and “Lucifer”; it just is. A person knows it when they see it.


Satan (or Lucifer) is always portrayed as a friend, a rebel with a happy smile. History tells us of a being that kills families, causes illness, and murders people.

This is not to say that everyone who hears this message needs to suddenly adorn a burka, become a shut in, or start speaking in tongues. It is a known fact that America was best when America was more Christian in terms of how we all treated one another, but it is not that simple, either. America used to promote the idea that goodness was the norm.

It is not the scary music of today that is hurting us, since even Tommy Dorsey in 1937 released “Satan Takes A Holiday,” and America lived through it. It is not “evil” fiction since Edgar Allen Poe was the king of such works and America seemed to know that he was fiction. Was this the first signs of publishing houses pushing evil with media and “sexy sinful” jazz? Maybe, but America was grounded so it did not take root, if that was the goal.

Now things are different not because Katy Perry is allowed to perform satanic rites on stage if she chooses to but that America is full of people who promote it. What even atheists and “agnostics” (who are really just atheists who don’t want facts, in most cases) need to understand is that it does not matter if they or anyone believes in the devil, only that those who DO believe in him are openly worshiping the one who THEY believe wants to destroy man the way that he did in the book of Job. It does not matter if anyone else believes it, only that those who do follow the devil are praising a being who they say used God’s allowance to bring anything to man (Job) as a chance to destroy him and his family with horror; THAT MAKES THEM A THREAT that does NOT need promoted, even though it is permitted, clearly.


Talk of the devil has always been in American entertainment, but at some point, the fiction became fact. How long has entertainment been used to sell evil? (pictured – a 1937 record of a song called “Satan Takes A Holiday”, back when America “was great”)

If this offends or is somehow not politically correct, then so be it. It is always better to err on the side of caution when dealing with people who paint the walls in blood and openly call “god” a being that they want to see paint the world in blood. To think anything less is how one ends up with a broomstick in the eye.