Child Migrant Assault

PUBLISHED: 8:33 PM 6 Sep 2018

Boy Faces No Punishment After Foul Gang Act

The victim was told he's be attacked that day by the gang of migrant bullies.

Berlin and the courts of Germany seem to have no idea how to deal with child migrant crime.

WARNING: The details of this story and the language used may be very disturbing to some readers.

When a child commits an act like rape, many people believe doing nothing is the worst thing that could happen, yet as RT News has reported today, this massive error in judgment is playing out in Germany.

A 10-year-old boy from Afghanistanraped a classmate during a school trip while Syrian and Afghan accomplices held him down,” yet the guilty parties are ‘too young’ to be punished, according to German officials.

A boy was brutally gang-raped by migrant classmates, but nothing will be done. The migrants told the victim what his fate was to be and they carried out the foul deed with no severe punishment being given.

Thirty-eight students from a school in Berlin embarked on “a field trip to Schloss Kröchlendorff,” a castle that rests in Nordwestuckermark. Instead of getting to enjoy the outing, one boy was told by his classmates, “We f**k you today!

Horribly, this is exactly what they did.

The grim facts show that “an Afghan and a Syrian, both aged 11, held him down while a 10-year-old Afghan boy sexually abused and raped him,” according to Berliner Zeitung.

Two other classmates were no help either, for they saw what took place and did nothing to stop it. They did not even notify anyone of what they had seen. Is this the level of empathy that Germany and the West have fostered in the children? If so, has another generation been bred who would sit by and watch NAZI carry out their final solution all over again?

When authorities, at last, did find out about the attack, the guilty were suspended from the school. It is said that the boy was moved to a different district, as well, Prison Planet has confirmed.

The problem is that the boys are not yet fourteen-years-old, so they can not be prosecuted in the German justice system. From here, a myriad of questions can be asked.

Are there no mental institutions for minors in Germany? If so, could it not be argued that this may be a suitable punishment and one that may actually help?

The two boys who helped are simply attending another school. Not since some pedophile priests were shuffled around from church to church have such dangers been simply moved and hushed.

Is this justice? Does this move to stop these children from growing more dangerous?

Does anyone even know for sure how old the boys really are? Migrants are notorious for lying about their age and when dental records are used to confirm a person’s age in a protected class, it is not politically to correct to talk about the results, in some cases.

We want to exhaust all legal possibilities that the main perpetrator does not attend regular school, but experiences special schooling,” said spokeswoman for the Berlin School Administration on Monday.

Germany and their legal system, it would appear, have a whole slew of questions to answer as it pertains to this case.