Boston Immigrant Vote

PUBLISHED: 9:53 PM 9 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 9:56 PM 9 Jul 2018

Boston To Consider Allowing Non-Citizens To Vote

The City Council claimed that 28 percent of the city's population was 'non-citizen.'

The city of Boston, a major American city, has decided to discuss the idea of allowing non-citizens to vote as long as they have 'legal' status. This could do terrible things to the idea of representation, as well as to the city itself.

For many leftists, pursuing the illegal immigrant vote is a priority. After all, they’ve spent years pandering to immigrants, especially those in the country illegally, and they feel very secure in the idea that the votes of such individuals would come solidly down for the Democrat Party, opposing Republicans and other parties.

It’s generally not legal for non-citizens to vote in elections. The leftist stronghold of Boston, Massachusetts, however, is seeking to change that, hoping to give ‘foreign-born’ individuals the chance to vote in local elections. Not only is this arrogant, it’s an absurdly bad choice for people in the city who are already living under leftist rule.

Tomorrow, the City Council will hold a hearing on the idea that immigrants in the city with ‘legal status’ should be able to vote in local elections.

The hearing is being held at the request of Council President Andrea Campbell, who is hoping to find ways to make the vote ‘more inclusive’ by allowing those immigrants with a ‘legal’ status to vote in their local elections.

According to sources involved in the vote, that could include allowing legal permanent residents, those who hold visas for work or study, and even those covered by Temporary Protected Status or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (which is set to come to an end in the near future).

The order from Council President Campbell included a statement that claims that the city of Boston has more than 190,000 foreign-born residents, which represented more than a quarter of the entire population.

The very same order also claimed that in the state of Massachusetts, non-American citizens paid $116 million dollars in state and local taxes.

Finally, toward the end of the order, it mentions that the same citizens generated over $3.4 billion in spending.

Interestingly, the order is not very clear on what it means by ‘spending.’

Does it mean that the non-citizens in the state, which allegedly make an account for one of nearly every six people, spent $3.4 billion alone?

Or does that number reference the amount of money that the state of Massachusetts has to spend on catering to people who do not speak the language? Maybe including things like taxpayer-funded housing for people who claim various different forms of the asylum?

Either way, the amount of money they pay in taxes is shockingly low, even if the only non-U.S. citizens in the state lived in Boston. Many of these foreign born residents are sending funds out of the U.S.

That averages out to each ‘legal’ non-U.S. citizen paying a whopping $610 in taxes in a given year.

If by ‘spending’ they mean the money spent on immigrants and services for them, then it’s easy to see that the numbers show immigrants cost the state money.

Economic realities of the state of Massachusetts and its immigrant population aside, it seems likely that Campbell wants the vote for ‘legal’ immigrants in Boston for one reason in particular.

Simply put, she believes that would provide 190,000 democrat votes in the city.

Campbell, who is a Democrat, is likely banking on additional votes to insulate the city council’s leftist bent from any possibility of being voted out of office.

It would also ensure that the left held onto the mayor’s seat in the city, which they have done since January 6, 1930, when Malcolm Nichols’ four-year term came to an end and James M. Curley became the first in a long line of Democrats who played the role of top politician in the city for the next eighty years.

Most recently, Democrat Marty Walsh, running as the incumbent, won the mayoral election with 65 percent of the vote. His nearest opponent had 34 percent of the vote.

Perhaps most terrifying of all, with an additional promise of 190,000 votes for the Democrats, they would stop needing to even pretend to care about being moderate in their leadership.

Imagine a Boston run by such a hard-left group, like the socialists in Seattle, Portland, or most of the larger cities in California, that they imposed their horrific policies. Get ready to see more homeless in the commons.

The left would be able to do almost anything they wanted without worry that anyone could stand against them.

The sad truth is that after decades of left-leaning leadership in the city, they’re already not far from having socialists in office pushing socialist policies. The last thing the city needs is to hand the vote to people who are not legal American citizens.

Thankfully, it would be completely illegal (for now) for leftist cities to allow non-citizens to vote in federal elections. But there’s plenty of damage that their vote could do to a city, or to that city’s budget.