Warren Refusing Test

PUBLISHED: 9:22 PM 19 Mar 2018

Boston Radio Host Looks To Get Elizabeth Warren To Take DNA Test…One Way Or Another

He plans to trick her if he has to.

This host is ready to get the DNA results on way or the other.

Fans of the tv show, “Forensic Files,” may recall the case of a lady who did her own forensic work by teaching herself that science. She freed her wrongly convicted husband by nabbing DNA which she needed, and her skills found the real killer.

It was mentioned in the show that gathering DNA from discarded cigarette butts or coffee cups is in no way illegal. This show may have been watched by radio host Howie Carr in Boston, Massachusetts, according to news found today in the Washington Times.

Everyone’s favorite would-be Indian, Senator ElizabethPochahantasWarren (D-MA), has already admitted that she cares more about what her family claimed she was (ie, Native American) than what DNA may show her to be (that is to say not Native American).

Normally, this detail would not matter, but she made claim while at Harvard. Now Carr is going to find some shred of DNA on a pop can or a discarded tissue, and he is paying for the test. If not, he may try some “tricky stuff.”

Already, the host tried to use the DNA on a pen cap that the senator held in her teeth, but it was insufficient (not enough saliva). Undaunted, he aims to try again unless she concedes to take the test (which he is willing to pay for) voluntarily. He even said that she may meet him “at the cheese shop of your choosing in Harvard Square” to use the testing kit.

I have a backup plan, but it will involve some sneaky stuff, which I’ve tried before,” Mr. Carr also confessed.

Warren did not even see that a fake book called “Pow Wow Chow” was given to her to sign the last time that he made his attempt, adding to the humor even further.

In 2012, Warren dodged the DNA swab and said only, “I think this was fully litigated in 2012 here in Massachusetts.”

Litigated by who?

The Senator also said, “The way I see it at the end of the day what the people of Massachusetts said is they care a whole lot more about their families than they did about my background” as she tried to avoid admitting that she may have stretched the truth on papers for personal gain. “My brothers and I, we grew up in Oklahoma, and we know our story from our mom and our dad and our grandmothers and our grandfather.”

Sadly for her, what may prove to be myths and wive’s tales is not enough to warrant her being considered “minority faculty” at Harvard, so voters in her state may wish to wonder what else she has lied about.

They may care about that.