Mayor Blasts Police Department

PUBLISHED: 10:22 PM 13 Feb 2018

Boston Mayor Condemns Police Department Over Black History Month Post

According to the mayor, the tweet was “completely inappropriate.”

Boston's Mayor attacked a man who stood up for blacks in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Era.

As we often address, one of the major problems extant in America today is the problem of no one seeming to understand what the “United” in our nation’s name really means. We have Black Lives Matter(ing) when it is supposed to be all of our lives that matter. We have gay pride parades instead of unity parades and every election in our country is now met by visceral hatred from those who lose. The Maven shows us today that things are going no better for Boston, Massachusetts than anywhere else in the U.S. when it comes to such matters.

They write that “Boston Mayor Marty Walsh accosted the Boston Police Department (BPD) on Monday” after a post from the department for Black History Month praised a white person. It is a shame that to some in this country, the fact that many whites were opposed to slavery and died for the abolishment of it is lost. It is as if they earned no honor at all.

“In honor of # BlackHistoryMonth we pay tribute to @celtics legend # Red Auerbach for being the 1st @NBA coach to draft a black player in 1950, field an all African-American starting 5 in 1964 and hire the league’s 1st African-American head coach (Bill Russell) in 1966,” said the historically accurate post that is now deleted.

The U.S.A. Today confirmed the tweet and brought national attention to the matter as it seems that anything that a white person does is worthy of nothing but condemnation.

In 1964, such actions would have made Auerbach an outcast, yet his sacrifice for justice is all but worthless to the wayward thinking mayor and those like him. This is exactly how Black Lives Matter treats their white supporters to this very day.

Mayor Walsh showed his own racist and biased prejudices as he said, “Yesterday’s tweet from the Boston Police Department was completely inappropriate and a gross misrepresentation of how we are honoring Black History Month in Boston.”

He also griped, “I am personally committing to the people of Boston that we will always honor our Black leaders, activists, and trailblazers with the respect they deserve. Not just in February, but every day and every month of the year.”

Again, honoring black leaders. Why can’t leaders be judged on the job that they do instead of the color of their skin? Don’t whites, Asians, and others deserve the year-round honor, too?

The ever-divisive and race-baiting NAACP chimed in and said, “The decision of the Boston Police Department to celebrate Black History Month by celebrating a white man for hiring Black people is beyond perplexing. Every time we think there may be some signs of home…we get a reminder that we have a long way to go. A mighty long way to go.”

Allow those hatefully ungrateful words to set in. This coach who was tweeted about stood up rightfully and boldly for blacks and during “Black History Month,” he is not even worthy of praise for the unity that he brought. Today, names like LeBron James and Michael Jordan are world famous due to what this man helped usher in.

Sadly, the police department apologized for the tweet instead of standing by it as strongly as the coach stood by the blacks who had been oppressed.

It is a sad time to be alive in America. There is no one calling for unification, but rather, a further parting of us all based on who we sleep with our how much pigment is in our skin.

In time, we won’t be united in anything but name.

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