Sex Offender Captured

PUBLISHED: 4:22 PM 25 Jan 2018

Border Patrol Nets $82K In Meth And Twice Convicted, Deported Child Sex Offender

The DEA is now involved.

This was a good catch for Border Patrol but a wall would make their jobs so much easier.

The need for immigration reform is at an all-time high for the United States. Millions of Americans voted for the candidate that they thought would put an end to the porous southern border and they are still waiting. In the meantime, however, illegal immigrants are not making their arguments stronger with arrests happening to child-molesting drug dealers who have already been deported.

Guatemalan national Luciano Pablo-Martin, 48, was caught by authorities near Calexico after officials realized that he was smuggling drugs across the border. This man was already arrested and convicted twice in the past for child abuse and molestation yet he still found his way back into the United States. Stories like Pablo-Martin’s are only hurting the narratives that progressives are still clinging to as he was trying to smuggle around 18 pounds of methamphetamine into the United States, or $82,000 worth.

These are dangerous men who are looking to abuse the system of government in the United States by entering the nation illegally. Their connections to the dark underworld that is human trafficking are fresh and strong. Their multiple re-entries would lead rational minds to believe that he knew who to go to in order to get him in the country thus proving this man is connected to the human trafficking world.

It has become an industry to be involved with trafficking humans into the United States as desperation and expensive trips could mean big bucks for bad people. These are known as coyotes as they take, and charge quite heavily, people to take them across the United States border as safely as possible. This is an industry where people are raped and murdered for not giving more money than they have or are often sold off to cartel members in order to secure passage.

It is a culture that allows the strong to prey on the weak because those who do the trafficking have all the power. Pablo-Martin undoubtedly has connections to this dark world as his previous deportations and convictions as a child molester would put him in the group that abuses the world with this horrid industry.  This is the kind of industry that Americans are interested in stopping because these evil men who traffic humans and children for money are nothing more than sycophant opportunists.

Pablo-Martin’s story is one that should strike a slight fear into the hearts of those who advocate for open borders. These progressive anarchists are acting like open borders are a human right when in reality they are truly just advocating for human traffickers to do as they please. This is the ugly truth that must be addressed when concerning illegal immigration.

Child molesters and rapists are the ones that truly benefit from unguarded borders because they abuse the lack of security to make tons of black market cash. It is all fine and dandy to say that one does not want families to be split up but one must also address the other issues that surround illegal immigration and it truly boils down to human trafficking.  Those interested in open borders are only advocating for it to keep their moral superiority while contributing to an absolutely horrendous way of life.

Men like Pablo-Martin are the exact type of people that need be stopped from entering the country. This is a man that knowingly ruins the lives of children by sexual assaulting them and yet he continues to do as he pleases. He operates within a larger industry that benefits greatly from trafficking laborers as well as children and it is the exact reason why a wall must be built. If a wall is built then these traffickers will have to find alternative ways into the United States and could be caught in the process.

If the wall is built on the southern border and it does, in fact, begin to stop the illegal immigration taking place, then it will be a new day for Americans. Human traffickers, child rapists, and drug dealers will no longer be able to waltz into the country while doctors and engineers from a developed nation wait on a list. It is a comforting thought to imagine the wall being built but one that also had to take with a grain of salt because these desperate criminals will go to great lengths to keep their industry alive.

However, hopefully once the wall is built traffickers have to find a new way to traffic humans. Perhaps in the process, they will make an abnormal mistake and be caught in the process.

All that is known is that of the wall is built then it will be a major thorn in the side of criminals like Pablo-Martin who are used to abusing the southern border.