PUBLISHED: 5:48 PM 31 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 6:09 PM 31 Oct 2016

Border Patrol Agents Begging Obama To Send Backup, Heavily Outnumbered


The Border Patrol Needs Back Up!

Illegal immigration has been a topic of debate this election season. It has been highly discussed ever since Donald Trump said that he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico to keep out all the illegal immigrants.

That statement has made a tremendous amount of Democrats angry. Even though illegal immigrants shouldn’t even be in this country, the Democrats want to accept everyone and anyone. And because there is a Democrat in the White House, every report about the activity of illegal immigrants is going to be slanted.

That includes blocking information that would help out Trump’s argument from the general public. According to the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), a record number of illegal immigrants are in Border Patrol custody in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley (RGV) sector.

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Border Patrol Agent and NBPC President Brandon Judd was talking to Breitbart Texas and slammed the leadership of the Border Patrol’s parent agency, which is Customs and Border Protection. He claims that they were “keeping this information secret” ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

“We are at breaking point. We have the highest number of illegal aliens in custody in history in Border Patrol’s RGV Sector and this information has been kept from the American public.” Judd also stated part of the reason why there were so many immigrants crossing over.

“The talk of amnesty has once again created pull factors and encouraged people from all over the world to cross Mexico and then cross our porous southern border to illegally enter the U.S. We are simply overwhelmed.” This information would have been great to know earlier in the election season, but we are just finding out about it now!

Agent Judd said that Americans are free to vote for whom they want, but they should have all of the information available. “This is an issue of the federal government restricting crucial information from the public ahead of a presidential election and it is unacceptable. Americans deserve to know the truth. Our Border Patrol agents deserve for Americans to know what they are really facing. Too many Border Patrol agents have given their lives and left loved ones to grieve for CBP leadership to play these types of political games ahead of such an impactful election.”

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The Agents Have Said That The Federal Government Is Withholding Information About The Border Patrol

This isn’t just one person’s opinion. This is the thought process of other Border Patrol agents as well. It includes Agent Chris Cabrera, who is vice president of the NBPC Local 3307. It’s the part that represents the majority of Border Patrol agents in the RGV Sector.

“This isn’t surprising, considering the history of Border Patrol and CBP covering up facts and falsifying numbers.” He also added, “In 2014, CBP didn’t publicize the crowded conditions in our facilities until Breitbart Texas published over forty photos depicting the reality. Only then did they properly address the crisis.”

Agent Cabrera also agreed that CBP was concealing the gravity of the current border crisis. “One side in this coming election is downplaying illegal immigration and concealing this information only serves to help that agenda.” And guess which political party wants to downplay the severity of the immigrant crisis? That would be the Democrats!

Of course they are trying to downplay it! They want it to seem like President Obama’s plans are working and that introducing a new plan like Trump’s that it would be bad. But CBP has had a history of correcting false assertions and denials. The most prominent example happened when the official CBP Twitter account said a reporter published a false report only to admit later on that the report was accurate and true.

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The Democrats Are Withholding Information That Would Show Their Plans Aren’t Working

CBP has released numbers that show near-record apprehensions. But the agents are talking about people who illegally entered the United States and are currently in custody in Border Patrol facilities. Agent Judd said it perfectly.

“There is a significant difference between apprehension numbers and numbers in custody in our facilities. These record numbers in custody indicate that these are people who are not voluntarily returning. This indicates that these people will, under current policy, be released into our communities and given amnesty. This record number of people currently in detention is significant because the RGV Sector is dealing with the Gulf and Los Zetas cartels. This means our agents are busy babysitting record numbers in facilities instead of patrolling the border and stopping these murderers, kidnappers, and drug smugglers.”

This isn’t the first time that the Border Patrol has been in the news. There was a time when the Border Patrol caught Mexico attempting to smuggle Al Shabaab terrorists into the country. This is why Border Patrol is so important and when the numbers are falsified like they have been, it puts the country in grave danger.

There was another report that showed that eight in ten illegal immigrants that were sent back were given a second chance. Thanks to the actions of President Obama, illegal immigrants that are captured by Border Patrol are just sent back. They are not prosecuted, not jailed, nothing of the sort.

Share this article to show people that the Border Patrol agents are angry at their parent company for covering up the information that was available. They are at their breaking point and yet there is no information available from the federal government. And the worst part of all this is that the agents are the ones that are suffering because they are putting their lives on the line.

This is exactly the reason that we need to have Donald Trump in the Oval Office. He is the only candidate that is concerned about the safety of the people of the United States. He is the only one that going to make sure that the borders are actually safe. Compared to Hillary Clinton, Trump is going to make sure that the people of the country are safe.