Border Agent Injured

PUBLISHED: 9:25 PM 12 Jun 2018

Border Patrol Agent Shot Near Drug Trafficking Area Close to Mexicio

The only thing that saved his life was his body armor vest.

A Border Patrol agent was shot and wounded within miles of the Mexican border. Thankfully, he survived, due in part to his bulletproof vest.

Arizona’s southern border has long been a hotbed of illegal immigration activity, as well as drug trafficking. Indeed, it was there that United States Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed in a firefight with drug traffickers, cut down by a weapon sold into Mexico via the Barack Obama-era program Fast and Furious.

Now, it seems that another Border Patrol agent has been injured, shot several times, in a firefight near the southern border with Mexico, this time on private ranch land. Thanks to luck and modern technology, however, the agent is still alive to tell the tale. This is the reason that republicans and locals want a border wall so badly, in fact, the owner of the property is begging for a Wall.

Before dawn today, Tuesday, June 12, a U.S. Border Patrol member was wounded in a firefight near Arivaca.

At around 4:30 a.m. local time, the silence of the night was broken by the sound of gunfire, as gun fire broke out in a remote area owned by a cattleman.

According to the agency, their operative was struck in the leg and the hand, and a number of bullets struck his chest. He would have been severely injured, but his issued bulletproof vest managed to prevent rounds from penetrating into his skin.

Jim Chilton, a fifth-generation rancher and cattleman who owns the property, suggested that it is likely that the vest saved this man’s life.

The rancher, a well-known backer of Donald Trump’s immigration policies and efforts to secure the Mexican border, owns about 50,000 acres of land within ten miles of the border, including the land where the agent was shot.

According to Chilton, over 200 different trails cover his land, which is commonly utilized by illegal immigrants. He said that the shooting occurred on the trail that is most commonly used by drug runners and other illegals coming into the nation.

Chilton said that he only found out about the incident because a Border Patrol official, Lisa A. Reed, wrote him an email about what had happened on his property.

He also said that he has drug runners and illegals constantly coming through his land, and that it has become very dangerous for him to work and live on the land.

It seems that illegal immigrants with various purposes in mind have been using legally-owned ranching land to walk across the border for years.

When the United States government doesn’t properly protect its borders, illegal immigrants can prove a real problem for people with property nearby.

Indeed, not long ago, the Border Patrol instituted a new project, which they named ‘Operation Safeguard’, because the border crossing in Arizona had become such a popular crossing point for illegal immigrants and those interested in moving drugs into the country.

The deserts and mountains in the south of Arizona became so popular that they were seeing more illegal activity than the area near San Diego and even the southernmost portions of Texas, at one point.

While the left has worked hard to prevent previous presidents from being able to do anything about the illegal immigration problem in states like Arizona, they’ve also been hard at work trying to disarm the residents of the areas most likely to have issues.

Many cattle ranchers near the U.S.-Mexico border, including in places like Arizona, utilize semi-automatic rifles for safety and for killing varmints such as coyotes.

These rifles are popular because they are widely available, use reasonably-accurate and powerful ammunition, and can be used to take on groups of animals. However, they’re also popular weapons for self-defense for ranchers, who fear that they could come upon drug runners while exploring their land and grazing their cattle.

To see how horrific the things that happen in the desert can be, an interested individual need look no further than the Cemex Corporation property near Tucson, Arizona. A group of veterans patrolling for homeless veterans in that area found what appeared to be an illegal immigrant camp designed around the purpose of sexual abuse of children.

As long as the border is easy to cross, people near the U.S.-Mexico border, particularly those with large swaths of land, will continue to suffer. Thankfully, the Border Patrol agent who encountered these criminals was blessed enough that his body armor kept him from serious harm or death.

However, agents like Brian Terry were not so lucky.

Hopefully, the border wall, which recently began construction near San Diego, will be able to help stem the tide of illegal immigrants, especially drug traffickers, coming into the nation, and perhaps restore a sense of peace and safety for ranchers.