Illegal Crossing Billboard Stuns

PUBLISHED: 9:32 PM 6 Feb 2019
UPDATED: 9:33 PM 6 Feb 2019

Border Crossing Numbers Show About Half Of 1800 Illegal Aliens Get In Every Day

The numbers were taken from U.S. Customs and Border Protection estimates and the truck carrying the billboard ticker shows how many illegal criminals are crossing the border each minute.

The numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border are insane.

American First Policies, a pro-conservative group, is taking the illegal immigration problem directly to D.C.

A truck proclaiming numbers taken from U.S. Customs and Border Protection sports a billboard ‘ticker,’ outfitted by the group, counts off how many illegal criminals enter the country on a daily basis, and those numbers are incredible.

According to data, 1,809 illegal aliens attempt to cross the unprotected border every day, and about half of those criminals succeed.

The minute-by-minute count is stunning.

So far, there have been some 66,000 attempts to illegally cross the border this year. That’s about one person every 48 seconds.

The truck began driving by House and Senate office buildings this morning, and plans to conduct a seven-day circuit from the capitol to the White House.

The ticker is also listed on the homepage of America First Policies’ website.

“Our ticker is a real-time reminder of the ticking time bomb happening at our border, and a wake-up call to Congress that the time has come, quite literally, to build the wall,” said Erin Montgomery, communications director for the group.

“Every 48 seconds, another person attempts to illegally cross our southern border. That’s 1,809 people per day. How many illegal crossings will it take before Congress follows President Trump’s lead and puts the safety and security of the American people first?” she added.

The website ticker and mobile billboard are part of a $1.1 million advocacy campaign to spread the word about the truth of illegal immigration and promote ways to secure the border.

The nonprofit has also launched national television and digital ads that show the consequences of an unsecure border, which include drug epidemics, murders, and other violent crimes.

The president has long addressed the need for a secure southern border, but democrats have stubbornly refused.

Until he can secure more funding to create a barrier, the president in the meanwhile has been building onto the existing barriers, and actually plans to break ground on 25 new miles of wall on federally owned land within the next few weeks.

Likewise, another group operated by Brian Kolfage has explained that the funds generated by a GoFundMe page for a privately built wall have made it possible to begin construction on private land within the next few weeks.

Kolfage is building a barrier that conforms to the one that has been approved by the government and plans to meet and join trump’s wall.