Lethal Force Used

PUBLISHED: 9:05 PM 24 May 2018

Border Agent Fires On Illegal Invaders, One Alien Killed

The group of invaders were using ‘blunt objects’ in the attack.

When the border agent was attacked, he fought back. He had no other choice.

Illegal aliens have cost the life of one border patrol agent. Because of the increasing aggressive behavior of these invaders, Laredo Sector Border Patrol had to shoot a man who attacked them, a fact confirmed by Breitbart News.

A border patrol agent responded to a call near the Rio Bravo area and found a whole group of illegal aliens. From there, “multiple subjects using blunt objects” attacked the officers, giving them no choice but to respond with deadly force. One of the attackers fell to the ground and the rest of the criminals fled.

Perhaps this behavior shows why these criminals did not legally apply and also, what their aim was once they got here.

It is not reported if the fallen man lost his life at the scene or later in the hospital. It is known that the Rio Bravo Fire Department was called to the scene of the shooting.

It is also unclear what condition the agent who attacked is currently in, either. Three of the other illegals were captured by authorities, so at least they are not on the loose and a threat to others.

Texas Rangers are now investigating the incident, Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza said, “Assaults on Border Patrol agents are common in this area. The smugglers that operate in this area are known to instruct illegal aliens to resist and assault agents.”

This senseless violence means, usually, one of two things. Either the people entering have never heard of a pen, a computer, or any other means to simply apply to legally enter the U.S. or they are criminals who can’t.

The latter group often wants to enter only to make a quick criminal buck and have no plans on doing anything else.

Therefore, when they move from breaking and entering (which is what illegal migration is) to actually trying to hurt agents, lawmen have no choice but to return force with force.

Hopefully, this person’s death will be a warning to at least a few people who knew him; the U.S. is not allowing the insanity to continue any longer.