PUBLISHED: 6:34 PM 11 Jan 2017

BOOM: President Trump Drops Truth Bombshell On Chief CNN Reporter During Press Briefing

Trump Just Reigned Down On CNN's Entitlement

Trump Just Reigned Down On CNN's Entitlement

Trump Just Ended CNN’s Parade Of Entitlement

President Trump just delivered some bold words to a CNN reporter who wouldn’t mind his turn at one of the first official press conferences of 2017.

While speaking with journalists, Trump was interrupted multiple times by Jim Acosta, the CNN Senior White House Correspondent.

Finally, Trump had enough, telling him straight to his face that “CNN is fake news.”

This revelation may be shocking to some, but after watching CNN lie for 18 months during the presidential election, even redacting and writing opposing viewpoints, it’s something that needed to be said.

The American People are tired of being led like sheep. An era of critical thought and constant questioning of our government is now here; we must at all times remain cognizant of the events unfolding around us—only then can we make prudent decisions on where our political loyalties should lie.

It is the responsibility of every single American to lead an informed life. Anything less is treason to the ideals that our Founding Fathers fought so hard to establish and protect. Do your part—remain informed and vigilant as Trump enters the Oval Office and begins to bring a new season of prosperity and, as Trump likes to say, “Winning!”