PUBLISHED: 7:14 PM 19 Jan 2017

BOOM: “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren Talks Back At Trump Confirmation Hearing…Gets Blasted

Warren Getting Destroyed

The Look On Her Face Says It All

There is hardly a better feeling than shutting someone down completely. For example if they say something stupid and you call them out on it, leading to everyone in a group completely agreeing with you, it’s a fantastic hearing to have. After all, who doesn’t like calling out idiots?

Not to mention that whenever it does happen, it gets talked about for a long period of time. It also makes the person that said the stupid comment more aware of what they say, and the group as a whole will (hopefully) become smarter from it.

This exact situation happened in one of President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet confirmation hearings. As you would expect, the Democrats were busy complaining about the Cabinet pick. That was until one member of the hearing finally had enough and called out the Democrats that were complaining about the pick. In other words, it was a complete and total shut down.

The Cabinet member that was being confirmed was Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, and the Senate Health & Education Committee was questioning her. Again, Democrats wanted to question the decision for a long period of time, because they still can’t accept that Trump won the election.

However the way they were going about this was ridiculous. Senator Elizabeth Warren, or Pocahontas as Trump likes to say, was going on and on about the confirmation hearing. She said that “swindlers and crooks are out there doing back flips” at the mere, thought of DeVos’ confirmation.


Warren Continued To Criticize Trump’s Cabinet Pick

Warren continued to make comments like that, essentially wasting a tremendous amount of time there. That time that Warren spent complaining about the pick could have been used to ask questions. Instead Warren continued to criticize the pick. It’s like hearing that one person just go on and on and on about something instead of actually doing something about it.

Warren added that without committing “to use the tools that are already available to [her] in the Department of Education,” then she shouldn’t be confirmed. Warren then added another statement saying that she was looking “forward to having a second round of questions.”

If you wanted a second round of questions, then why did you spend so much time criticizing DeVos instead of actually asking the question? You see it’s incidents like this that remind me that Democrats have absolutely no common sense whatsoever. You want to waste everyone’s time again just because you didn’t get to ask a second round of questions?

I’m not the only one that thinks that as well. Susan Collins, another member of the committee decided to open her mouth and slam the other members of the committee. It was a wonderful moment that really solidified how childish the Democrats of this committee were being.

“I cannot help but think that if my friends on the other side of the aisle had used their time to ask questions rather than complaining about the lack of a second round, they each would have been able to get in a second question.” Wow, that is a complete and utter destruction of Warren.


I’d Be Angry If I Got Served Like That As Well

To really send the message home, Collins added, “I now used 15 seconds of my time to make that point.” That’s a microphone drop moment if I have ever saw one. Collins literally obliterated the points that Warren was making, and she did it with two simple sentences.

However this is also a symbol of what is to come should the Democrats continue to try this. If they are going to complain about what the Republicans are doing, it’s either going to get a sharp remark or it will fall on deaf ears. The GOP controls the House, Senate, and the White House.

Which means that if the Democrats want to get something passed, it most likely won’t happen. Not to mention that the Democrats are essentially powerless to stop a bill from becoming a law. If they continue to act like spoiled kids that want to talk trash and complain, a member of the GOP is just going to shut them down. It’s going to be a fun four years.

They’ll get what they had coming to them as well. Other Democrats, as well as the White House, have continued to make the claim that Trump is not a legitimate president. Despite the fact that he won the election fairly, the Democrats continue to say that he only won because of Russian interference. I can’t wait to see their faces when this claim is shut down again.

Then again, they’re not going to understand it. That is because a bunch of Democrats got together and started making demands out of the Trump supporters. They actually demanded that Trump supporters stop using the word “terrorist” because they claim that it’s offensive. Yes, they actually demanded that we stop using that word. This is liberal stupidity at its finest.

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