PUBLISHED: 6:10 PM 13 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 6:13 PM 13 Jan 2017

BOOM: Obama’s Clock Boy Just Got Some Bad News After A Strict Constitutionalist Judge Ruled

Shifty-eyed Clock Boy looks upset after his frivolous lawsuit was tossed out by a tough Texas judge

A few months ago liberals whipped themselves into a frenzy over Ahmed Mohamed, or “Clock Boy.” Remember him? He’s the “whiz kid” that made the left start frothing at the mouth after he was questioned by police for supposedly bringing a bomb to school.

The bomb turned out to be a cobbled-together homemade clock. The mistake was blared across social media. The attacks were nothing creative of course, just the usual baseless accusation of “racism” and “Islamahobia.”

Journalists note that “Ahmed was showered with support from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and Google co-founder Sergey Brin… he visited the Google Science Fair, met with Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir, posed with the queen of Jordan…and last night, made it to the White House.”

But apparently becoming an overnight hero wasn’t enough for their dear little boy, so Mohamed’s father filed a defamation lawsuit against some of the biggest names in conservative media. The boy had admiration heaped on him by some of the most illustrious people in the world. The family’s calculated ploy worked out better than they probably ever hoped for.

How exactly was he defamed? He shot to fame on the strength of a clock that he didn’t even build. He was flooded with offers of future college scholarships.

Ahmed Mohamed and his family moved to Qatar soon after their stunt

The clock Mohamed brought to school clearly resembles a bomb. It would resemble a bomb if you carried it, if I carried it, if it was lying unattended on the ground. The school’s reaction was prompted by the device itself, not the boy’s race.

Clock Boy’s family was attempting to create a stir, and their stunt worked.

[A]fter Ahmed’s clock, school officials and others will think twice before committing career suicide by questioning suspicious behavior by Muslims. And now Ahmed and his family are moving in for the kill, trying to intimidate people into not even daring to criticize Muslims…for fear of being slapped with a lawsuit.”

The frivolous lawsuit levied charges against a prestigious bevy of journalists. Glenn Beck and The Blaze, Ben Shapiro, Irving, Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne, Fox News, and more. A judge was forced to suffer for hours before the case was dismissed, including a“painfully embarrassing 15 minutes” where Mohamed’s lawyer was desperately “flipping through reams of paper to find evidence that any of the defendants had said anything false or defamatory.”

The judge’s ruling is a victory for freedom of speech. Clock Boy’s family attempted to use the court as a vehicle for manipulation. Don’t insult Islam, because you might get sued. It’s about time that someone stood up to Islamists.

“The 21-page complaint alleged that the defendants misled the public and, in doing so, fanned ‘the flames of fear and anger toward Muslims and immigrants,’” reports the Washington Post.

Clock Boy’s stunt earned him the world’s admiration. With the exception of a few dissenting voices, he quickly became a media darling

So the real problem wasn’t anything that was said about Mohamed himself, but rather the fact that the commentators painted Islam in a bad light. The clear-sighted judge found that the defendants are protected by 2011 statute the Texas Citizens Participation Act. The law protects the states citizens from defamation lawsuits on the basis of rights to free speech.

Jim Hanson, of the Center for Security Policy, said in a statement that the ruling “reaffirms our most fundamental liberty — the right to free expression — and punishes Mr. Mohamed and his allies for attempting to suppress ideas they oppose.”

Mohamed’s family doesn’t even live in America anymore. The notoriety brought on by their stunt was apparently too much to handle because the family fled to Qatar. The restrictive Muslim country is one of the last places you’d expect a supposedly moderate, scientifically-inclined young man to want to move to.

“This lawsuit is just another example of that and worse an attempt to silence the truth tellers who expose the Islamist agenda,” Hanson said.

“They will not silence us and we hope that others who may fear to speak up will be heartened when he prevail, and we will.”

The best part of the judge’s ruling is the fact that the Mohamed’s will likely to be forced to pony up hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay the lawyer fees for the men they accused. Harsh Texas law attempts to dissuade people from filing silly lawsuits.

Clock Boy’s story is finally over. His silly lawsuit was dismissed and his family is living in Qatar. Good riddance!

Clock Kid’s fame means that’s he’ll easily be able to afford the bill, but the fact that he’ll have to pay it I still satisfying.

Liberals are always looking for something to fawn over, and and Mohamed fit the bill perfectly. He even donned a NASA shirt the day of his stunt, probably hoping to really hammer home his innocent appearance. Islam doesn’t always attack with a bomb or gun. Sometimes its offenses are far more subtle.